6:00 PM

RW: LADIES!!! Welcome to the official group text thread for Big Little Lies Season 2. It’s finally happening!!!
RW: gahh i’m so excited this is iconic
RW: has there ever been a group chat with SO many famous women??

6:03 PM
RW: iconic

6:04 PM
RW: so many BOLD and STRONG women!!

6:05 PM
RW: it’s Reese btw

6:06 PM
RW: identify yourselves or I will be forced to identify YOU

6:07 PM
RW: lol

6:10 PM
SW: Shailene. hey #squad

6:12 PM
LD. Dern. Sup.

6:15 PM
ZK: zoe.

6:16 PM
RW: HI ZOE!!!!!!!!!!!!

ZK: hey Reese. happy to be here.

RW: we are so happy to have u!!!

6:18 PM
ZK: yeah.
ZK: feels kind of weird that I actually didn’t have that big a part on the series compared to y’all?
ZK: but really generous that u include me in photos & also in this text thread.

6:19 PM
RW: aww

6:20 PM
NK: Hello, this is Nicole. Hello.

RW: Nicole. You are so beautiful.

6:23 PM
SW: SO beautiful.

6:24 PM
LD: ya yur hot

6:25 PM
RW: no but seriously this thread is so lit
RW: like can u imagine like if someone mentioned to like vanity fair or vogue or something about this thread

6:26 PM
RW: like in an interview or something like can u imagine how many ppl would freak to know that we have a group thread
RW: and then how many headlines would come out about it
RW: lmao

6:29 PM
ZK: wait so this 917 number then…?
ZK: is this
ZK: Meryl…..?

RW: ………!!!!!!!!

6:30 PM
NK: Meryl???? Hello! Is this you?!

SW: holy fuck.

6:31 PM

6:32 PM
SW: wait meryl is this actually You

ZK: reese, is this her? are u for real?

6:33 PM
RW: guys I am always real u know that
RW: I think mayb she’s just not on her phone rn or something

6:35 PM
SW: yeah she’s probably doing something ?

6:40 PM
NK: I adore her
NK: She was phenomenal in Adaptation

6:47 PM
ZK: ya robbed of the Oscar that year
ZK: but sometimes rly good people r robbed of opportunities, u know

6:48 PM
RW: this is def her number
RW: I think she’ll respond soon.

6:49 PM
RW: we await ur text, Meryl!
RW: u are our queen

6:55 PM
RW: guyyyyyysssssss

7:41 PM
LD: does any1 want to smoke a bowl rn

7:42 PM
SW: yeah ok

7:43 PM
SW: I could come over in like 20?

7:44 PM
LD: ya

7:45 PM
RW: hahhahaahaha sorry just seeing this now!
RW: Dern u are WILD
RW: are u serious lol

RW: wait are you guys actually smoking somewhere

9:05 PM
LD: naw

9:35 PM
NK sends a photo to the thread

9:36 PM

ZK: oh fuck

9:37 PM
RW: oh wow, Nicole!!!! haha oh wow, look at you haha!
RW: group chat heating UP!

9:40 PM
NK: I have delivered this photo to the wrong thread

9:41 PM
RW: oh! well don’t worry we won’t share
RW: u look stunning tho obvi
RW: that’s a lucky thread that gets that photo
RW: hahahaha i’m kind of jealous of THAT thread!

9:43 PM
RW: is that your emmy in the background btw

9:45 PM
NK: yes
NK: I am standing in my trophy parlor

9:46 PM
RW: oh I love that that’s so fun
RW: u totally deserved the emmy AND the golden globe for your brave performance in season 1
RW: it was an honor to just be nominated alongside u

9:48 PM
RW: I know Shailene felt the same way when Laura beat her for literally all the awards as well

9:55 PM
SW sends a gif

9:56 PM
ZK: loll

9:57 PM
RW: hahahaha that is very funny, Shailene!

9:58 PM
RW: where did you find that jif btw

10:06 PM
RW: in retrospect, guys it’s so amazing that all of us were nominated for everything
RW: like we’ve really made something historic together, u know

10:07 PM
RW: as women???

10:08 PM
ZK: I mean
ZK: not to be whatever, but I was not nominated for any awards

10:09 PM
ZK: which like, kind of makes u think like mayb the role that I was given was not as large or complex
ZK: as the roles written for all of YOU

10:10 PM
ZK: so I wonder like what kind of forces were at play there………. u know?

10:25 PM
ZK: just thinking outloud here

10:28 PM
RW: Zoe, forgive me!!
RW: it’s so unfair u were ROBBED zoe

10:30 PM
RW: awards don’t mean anything anyway

10:32 PM
ZK: ok

10:34 PM
SW: yeah they don’t mean shit

10:38 PM
NK: yes I agree.
NK: Do you agree, Meryl?
NK: do your awards & accolades mean nothing to you as well?

10:39 PM
SW: Meryllllllllll check ur phone

10:45 PM
ZK: it’s been like several hours do u think she’s ok

10:46 PM
RW: oh yeah definitely
RW: she’s just not like a big phone person
RW: she lives in the moment

10:49 PM
RW: in her life as well as in her art

11:00 PM
RW: srsly Meryl tho plz responds so that we know u are alive!!!
RW: jk

11:15 PM
RW: no but actually, Meryl

11:56 PM
LD: pig emoji
LD: did that work
LD: do u see a pig

11:57 PM
RW: Laura I’m not seeing one!!!
RW: does anyone else see a pig?!
RW: hmm i’m looking now, but I don’t see one?

LD: k

RW: Meryl, do u see a pig?

SW: fuck guys where is she

ZK: wait
ZK: did anyone actually see her on set

SW: actually
SW: like no?

ZK: fuck

RW: guys???

SW: yeah like I thought I saw her one day
SW: but in retrospect I think it was just like
SW: a rly stunning burst of seafoam

LD: hahah right on

RW: guys. stop.
RW: Meryl is real
RW: she’s in season 2!!


RW: aren’t u, Meryl???

ZK: idk like the more I think about it?
ZK: idk u know
ZK: is she even?

SW: right
SW: was she even?

LD: fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk

RW: Meryl

RW: Meryl?

RW: this isn’t funny Meryl

RW: ok well I’m going to bed guys!

RW: hope everyone sleeps well

RW: good night, Meryl

RW: wherever u are

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