On Friday, January 20th, 2017, Donald J. Trump will become the leader of the free world. This means we’ve entered a new era of politics, one which finally gives hardworking Americans a true outsider in Washington. Yet we must be mindful that this also means time is running out for President Barack Hussein Obama to command every man, woman, and child to follow Sharia Law.

We are so close to Trump’s inauguration that every American should be scared, because the proximity of that fateful day that means another fateful day is coming even sooner: the day Obama authorizes Sharia Law across the United States. He will finally force all people to adhere to Islam—not solely within their private, spiritual lives, but as a legal system controlling every aspect of the public sphere as well.

Undoing all of Obama’s evil Islamist policies will remain incredibly difficult.

As Obama’s tenure comes to a close, he will become more dangerous. His temperament will become more reckless, his policies more harmful to underprivileged citizens, and his adherence to Sharia law even harsher. We must all prepare for the worst in these coming days, until President Trump takes the oath of office.

And while January 20th will bring about change for all Americans, undoing all of Obama’s evil Islamist policies will remain incredibly difficult. The Constitution greatly hinders the president from unilaterally decreeing any law. Thankfully, President Donald Trump will have a Republican-controlled Congress and he should also have the Supreme Court on his side. Hope remains in the fight against Obama and Islamism to uphold American values.

It will be a long road ahead. Constitutional scholars must immediately begin working to find loopholes so President Trump can reverse all evil jihadist programs, especially because Obama always been able to implement any policy he pleases on a whim.

This is a warning for all freedom loving people out there. We no longer have years of preparation at our disposal, slowly getting ready for Obama’s inevitable decree of Sharia Law. Now without the luxury of slowly carrying out a grand and secretive master plan, the changes Obama mandates will not be gradual. We will wake up one day very soon to find that the principles that define our nation are gone, thanks to Obama’s fundamentalist Islamic beliefs.

In these last weeks of Obama’s presidency, we must all brace ourselves for the end of freedom of religion, at least until Trump takes office.