Dear Customer,

Your account was logged into in Albuquerque, New Mexico, if this was not you then please log into your account and change your password immediately.

The PayPal Squad

Dear Anthony Gibroni,

This is PayPal, here to alert you of some suspicious emails that have been reported. In the future, if you receive an email from us it will include your whole name and it will never be signed “The PayPal Squad.”

The PayPal TEAM

Dear Mr. Gibroni

Have you been getting some emails that seem Phishy? This is PayPal, btw. The real PayPal. How can you know? You’ll get a gut feeling inside that says “This has to be PayPal, they keep saying PayPal, and would a fake PayPal refer to themselves that many times?”

So yeah, this is PayPal. Please beware of any emails asking for your personal information that say they are from “The PayPal Team.” Now please log in with your personal credentials by following this link


Your Friends,
The Real PayPal

Dear Anthony Walter Gibroni,

We here at PayPal take your security of the utmost importance. If you receive an email that seems suspicious or claims to be from “The PayPal President” feel free to further it to The PayPal Squad for further review.

Try not to think about it,
PayPal, Ink.

Hello Gibroni,

This is the PayPal President, please disregard any emails where we have discouraged you to respond. Anyway, I’m afraid I have some terrible news. Your account appears to have been hacked. What does this mean? It means that my reign here at PayPal is compromised and with it the jobs of thousands of employees.

This is where you come in. If you simply log in with the credentials provided and cash this check that I am sending addressed to you for $500,000 I can pay my employees and restore your account back to its original owner.

I think we all deserve a big break,


I’m a guy that works at PayPal and I felt bad cause I saw your account got hacked and you got all these confusing emails from random IP’s so I wanted to reach out. Sorry dude, I know what it’s like… my account got hacked last year and someone purchased a bunch of bentonite clay.

My name is Tom by the way. I’m a dad to a couple of kids and a grandpa as of last April. In the future, if you ever see any discrepancies or anything that looks odd, just contact me and I can look into it. Anyway, if you want to just give me your username and password I can secure this and fix it for you.

Sorry for the confusion,

Dear Mr. Gibroni,

There have been some suspicious purchases on your account as follows:

5 drums of bentonite clay

For your information, PayPal will never ask for your social security number unless you feel like giving it to us. Do you?


Dear Anthony Gibroni’s:

You should never talk to a guy named Larry. He did work for PayPal, but now he’s gone A.W.O.L. with some proprietary information. He’s also armed and in your neighborhood.

Try not to think about it,

Hello Anthony,

Remember me? Larry? Yes, I've recently relocated to Albuquerque, New Mexico due to some job openings. I hope this letter finds you well.

Just kidding! This is PayPal. We figured by making light of the situation, it might make this just a tad less traumatic for you. We hope you enjoyed our roos. Anyway, still waiting for that email/password to make things right.

We're in this together,
The New Management

Anthony Gibroni,

We are finally getting around to answering your query about some phishing emails that you received from The PayPal TEAM, The PayPal Squad, The Real PayPal, Peypal, PayPal, Ink., P.P., Tom, Larry, and Pops. The emails you received claim to be security alerts from PayPal and contain links to fake PayPal websites that ask visitors to:

Enter their login credentials, including authentication codes,

Provide personal information, or,

Download fake files that may contain malware or links with fake PayPal login pages.

PayPal will never include a link to access your account in a Security Alert. Navigate directly to the app or PayPal․com to access your account and take account actions. Please consider this matter closed and we look forward to our continued business with you.

The Robinhood Team