1. He has a nature sounds alarm clock so he can wake up to the sound of birds every morning.
  2. Once, when he was a boy, he wanted to be helpful by doing laundry. In so doing, he mistakenly washed his mom’s dry clean only Chanel tweed skirt in the washing machine. His mom got really mad at him, not just because the skirt was expensive (which it was) but also because the closest Chanel boutique was like 8,000,000 light years away. This event, and his mother's reluctant forgiveness, was pivotal in shaping the man he was to become.
  3. He almost did not accept the Millennium Falcon when he won it from Lando Calrissian because it didn’t have cruise control and the Girodyne SRB42 sublight engine needed a new timing belt. What he really wanted was Lando’s new Mini Cooper instead.
  4. He once sent a Long-Distance Dedication into Casey Kasem’s Top 40 Countdown requesting that Casey play Carol King’s “So Far Away” for one of his middle school classmates who had just moved to another galaxy. He listened to Casey Kasem’s Top 40 Countdown in its entirety every Sunday afternoon waiting for Casey to play it, but Casey never did.
  5. He broke up with his first serious girlfriend because she a) made air quotes with their fingers at really inappropriate times and, b) said “let there be light” every time she turned a light switch on. These are literally his two biggest pet peeves.
  6. He voted no on the latest Corellia school budget because he did not think the proposed increase for outdoor improvements and renovations for the eight schools in his district was sufficient.
  7. Every time he got straight A’s when he was in middle school his parents took him to Ponderosa Steakhouse as a reward.
  8. His favorite movie is Mary Poppins.
  9. He used to order his cat litter and laundry detergent from Amazon but then, one afternoon, he saw the UPS driver struggling to carry the box up Millennium Falcon’s cockpit access tunnel and he felt bad so now he just buys cat litter and detergent at Target.
  10. Sometimes he smokes cigarettes during summer barbecues so the mosquitoes don’t bother him as much.
  11. After every time he engages in a climactic battle on behalf of the Rebel Alliance, it takes him at least a week to return to a normal bowel movement schedule.
  12. He was underage the first time he walked into the Mos Eisley Cantina, and was so nervous about using his fake ID that he ordered a “Risky Flower” instead of a “Whiskey Sour” which was the only drink he knew because that’s what his parents made at card club.
  13. He broke up with a different girlfriend because she used to point at her wrist while asking someone for the time, literally his third-biggest pet peeve.
  14. When he was in third grade, his neighbor once threw a shoe at him when he was practicing “Three Blind Mice” on his recorder.
  15. Once, when he drove the Millennium Falcon to McDonald’s, his Google Maps said “Bon appetit!” and Han thought Google maps was making fun of him so now he only uses Waze.
  16. His favorite candy is Laffy Taffy, not Milky Way as people typically assume.
  17. He is downright neurotic when it comes to making sure he maintains the proper nacho cheese to nacho chip ratio.
  18. The clock in the Millennium Falcon is off by an hour for the duration of daylight savings time every year because no one knows how to change it.
  19. Han’s friendship with Chewbacca was often tumultuous in its early stages because Chewbacca has a tendency to refer to himself in the third person. This is literally Han Solo’s fourth-biggest pet peeve. (Chewbacca also has a tendency to use corporate buzzwords like: synergistic, paradigm shift, organic growth, push the envelope, etc. but surprisingly, Han does not find the use of corporate buzzwords objectionable.)