The 2018 Kentucky Derby brings with it one of the deepest fields of names in recent memory. While there may not be a Stradavari or Danzig Moon this year, there is still plenty to admire

The actual odds are listed in parenthesis. I don’t advise using this to pick a winner, but I also don’t advise against it. It's your money.

Your 2018 Kentucky Derby Name Rankings

20. Instilled Regard (50-1) – This horse was named by an angry dad who works too much and hates that his kids aren’t doctors.

19. Audible (8-1) – In this case, I want to see the list of names they didn’t choose.

18. Justify (3-1) – This guy's wife definitely didn’t want him to buy a horse.

17. Enticed (30-1) – Oddly, I’ve never been less enticed.

16. Combatant (50-1) – Finally, a horse named by your middle school nemesis Dylan who was way too into karate.

15. Promises Fulfilled (30-1) – Or what every political book is almost named.

14. Flameaway (30-1) – This horse is also a promotional campaign for a new brand of fire extinguishers.

13. Firenze Fire (50-1) – And maybe let's nip the fire theme in the bud right now.

12. Noble Indy (30-1) – This guy takes horse racing just a bit too seriously.

11. Bolt d’Oro (8-1) – If this name were food on a menu, I’d point to it rather than say it.

10. Bravazo (50-1) – Our first Ad Agency name of the year. Named by the same team that came up with the Hyundai Elantra.

9. Vino Rosso (12-1) – Means “red wine” in Italian and “try-hard” in English.

8. My Boy Jack (30-1) – Jack seems cool.

7. Lone Sailor (50-1) – The owner of this horse definitely makes his friends call him “the lone sailor.”

6. Solomini (30-1) – I’ve pronounced this name differently every time I’ve said it.

5. Magnum Moon (6-1) – What can I say, I'm a sucker for astrological themes.

4. Hofburg (20-1) – I’m intimidated.

3. Free Drop Billy (30-1) – I’ve never wanted to meet someone as much as I want to meet the Billy this horse is named after.

2. Mendelssohn (5-1) – There’s Gregor Mendel and then there’re all other scientists.

1. Good Magic (12-1) – If by “good magic,' you mean the 2013 film Now You See Me where a team of illusionists pulls off heists during their performances, then I’m in.

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