You're in a relationship that you know is not for the long-term (the relationship may expire before you finish reading this article). You may wonder how to define these short-term relationships. This person is definitely not your boyfriend or girlfriend or someone you even like very much. You probably can barely stand them but figure you have nothing else better to do at the moment.

You want the label to not only express that you're still available in case a better looking, smarter, or richer romantic interest crosses your path, but you also want it to reflect your personality—or at the least the personality you wish you had.

Choose “Friends with Benefits” for a Free-Spirited Vibe

Friends with benefits lets others know that you live life on your own terms. You're not obligated to anyone or anything like being forced to attend a significant other's twice-removed cousin's bar mitzvah. You don't want anyone or anything getting in the way of your exciting life spent binge-watching serial killer documentaries and dressing your dog up in '80s style workout clothes.

It is also handy to have a variety of friends. You have the friend you call when you need furniture moved. You have the friend you call when you need to vent about work. And, then you have the friend you call when you need your libido serviced.

Get to the Point with “Fuck Buddies”

For those who hate explaining themselves, this is the perfect non-committal label to choose. The minute you tell someone you have a fuck buddy, they instantly assume that all parties involved have nothing in common except their extreme horniness.

With this label's simplicity, all ages and even your pets will easily understand what you mean. When your cat, dog, or parrot hears that your fuck buddy is coming over, they know to go to their safe place; or, if they are a perv, they can assume their watching position.

Keep It Mysterious by Saying “I'm Seeing Someone”

Pick the “I'm seeing someone” label for mystery and ambiguity. With this label, you'll leave friends and family wondering if you've become overly attached to your OnlyFans account, resorted to making someone up, or actually met someone who doesn't mind your obsession with yodeling.

Try Out “Lover” to Look Artistic

Saying “you're just dating someone” sounds like you found the first person on Tinder who wasn't a serial killer to hook up with. However, saying you have a “lover” sounds like you're into interpretive dance or staring at abstract art.

You have a boring partner you go to Home Depot with. I have a lover who eats strawberries from my belly button while simultaneously painting my portrait. You have a predictable boyfriend who can only get turned on after watching porn where people get pooped on. Well, I have a lover who has the insatiable sexual appetite of a horse on Viagra.

Show You Like Variety with an “Open Relationship”

With this relationship, people will know that you need a lot—I mean, a lot—of variety in sexual partners. When you tell someone that you're in an open relationship, they may first think you are hitting on them: maybe you are, maybe you're not. That's the fun of this relationship.

Being in an open relationship can also be taxing. That's why it is important to do plenty of self-care. Some ideas for self-care include walks in nature, having only one relationship, long bubble baths, not being in an open relationship, meditating, and really, is it a good idea to be juggling multiple relationships at once.