If you’ve walked the streets of any big city alone, then you’ve probably complained to your friends about unwarranted catcalls that are thrown your way. But what if your immediate rejection of these men is holding you back in the love department? What if you’re not giving a chance to your future soulmate, who is putting himself out on a limb trying to meet you? Intrigued yet?

Here are five simple signs that the guy yelling, “Hey girl, gimme some of that!” could be the one for you.

He owns up to his mating call.

If he’s willing to stand behind his declaration of love for your “sweet ass,” then odds are that he’ll also be willing to entrench himself in a committed relationship. You’ll probably have much better luck with him than with that construction worker who whistled at you, only to dive behind a dumpster the second you turned around.

He asks permission.

While there are many different forms of catcalling prevalent in our society today, the most polite still comes in the form of a question that begins something like, “Can I just say…” Sure, he probably doesn’t wait for your response before following up with a comment about the things you’re “doing to him” in that dress, but his initial concern for your consent is an indicator of his potential to be thoughtful in a relationship.

He does it alone.

Often catcalls are the result of a guy’s confidence being bolstered by a buddy. If a bro in a pair is hollering at you, then the chances that he’s actually serious about getting your attention are low. Furthermore, that possibility sinks even lower if his partner in crime is a male child (perhaps his own) that he is hoping to impress.

He tells you to smile.

He just wants you to be happy.

He doesn’t give up.

Most guys will just give you a typical, “Hey, little mama” and move on. But a guy who is truly interested will continue to harass you until he gets your full attention. He may have follow-up questions, comments, and concerns including: wondering out loud why you’re ignoring him. This kind of concern about your mental state is sweet, and will be beneficial in your future relationship.

So the next time you find yourself racking your brain for a nasty comeback for your catcaller on the street, take a moment to think about the potential in your little tryst. It could be the story that you'll be telling your grandkids one day.