July 20th

JOE: Talene. It’s Joe Biden.

TALENE: lol no way
TALENE: wait for real
TALENE: srsly tho for real
TALENE: Joe ……?
TALENE: ok how do I know that it’s really u

JOE: Today marks 100 days until Election Day. If you can, donate today: https://joe.link/3fXKKiP

TALENE: oh shit the link is legit
TALENE: it really is u
TALENE: hi Joe

July 22nd

JOE: Talene, it’s Joe.

TALENE: I know :))
TALENE: it’s so good to hear from you
TALENE: I feel like we kind of fell off a few nights ago….

JOE: Talene, even just a few bucks will go a long way toward helping me defeat Donald Trump. Chip in before midnight to help power the campaign through November 3.

TALENE: did that help

July 23rd

TALENE: I’m sorry it wasn’t more :/
TALENE: are u mad

July 24th

TALENE: I’m really poor. I used to make my living in theater :/

July 26th

JOE: Elizabeth Warren here, Talene.

TALENE: wait sorry can u delete that message actually
TALENE: I don’t want Joe to see it on his phone and feel hurt
TALENE: I pride myself on being a kind person
TALENE: kindness means a lot to me, even in this dark world

July 27th

TALENE: lol how did u get his phone tho

July 29th

JOE: Hi Talene, it’s Joe Biden.


JOE: You need to see this, Talene.

TALENE: did u mean to send a photo, or….?

JOE: The Biden campaign just announced the biggest ad buy in history!


JOE: But this ad buy is incredibly expensive, and we are counting on grassroots supporters to chip in to keep it running.

TALENE: that’s so great
TALENE: i’m so happy that my donation could help u go that extra mile

July 30th

TALENE: YOU need to see this, Joe ahaha
TALENE: sends an attachment
TALENE: did that go through ??

TALENE: those are my cats btw

August 6th

JOE: I want you to be among the first to meet my running mate, Talene.

TALENE: yes I am SO down

JOE: Sign up here to be on the list of the first people to find out who she is.

TALENE: ok I just signed up
TALENE: who else is on the list just curious
TALENE: the reason I ask is I don’t wanna brag about being on the list to someone who’s not on the list u know

August 7th

TALENE: ok so I think I know who it is
TALENE: hint: she texted me a few days ago from your phone………. 😉
TALENE: if it’s a progressive senator from Cambridge, reply with an emoji

August 8th

TALENE: u don’t have to actually send an emoji don’t worry

August 9th

TALENE: I know it’s super late and all but I was wondering, do u think the American Theater is dead as we know it

August 10th

TALENE: I’m not trying to be needy or bossy but u said u were gonna announce like a week ago
TALENE: I would ask the other people on the List, but again, I’ve been keeping my List status private
TALENE: take it with a grain of salt ! but I think it would be a good idea to announce soon

August 11th

JOE: Joe Biden here. Big News: I’ve chosen Kamala Harris as my running mate.

TALENE: I heard :/
TALENE: the nytimes told me like 20 min ago…..

August 12th

TALENE: sorry the :/ wasn’t cause of Kamala
TALENE: she is a great choice
TALENE: happy for u both

August 13th

JOE: Talene, can you do something special for Joe and Kamala?

August 15th

TALENE: Joe, I’m with my friend Michael right now fyi
TALENE: he said u have been texting with him too
TALENE: I didn’t realize u guys knew each other

August 16th

JOE: Talene, do you have a second?

August 17th

JOE: Talene, do you want to chat with Joe and Kamala?

August 18th

JOE: Talene, it’s Kamala.

TALENE: hi Kamala.
TALENE: would u mind telling Joe I’m taking some space rn nothing personal

TALENE: congrats btw

August 19th

JOE: Talene, it’s Pete Buttigieg.

August 20th

JOE: Hi Talene—it’s Doug Emhoff.

August 25th

JOE: 99% of recipients will ignore this text.

September 5th

JOE: Talene, it’s Joe Biden. Can I give you a call?

TALENE: I’m actually busy these days but I bet Michael is around
TALENE: since u 2 are so close

September 6th

JOE: Hi Talene, it’s Joe—and I’d like to give you a call.

September 16th

JOE: Please? Talene.

September 17th

JOE: Talene, it’s Joe Biden. I know I ask for your help a lot.


JOE: I hope I didn’t catch you too late.

TALENE: It’s 8:03pm, Joe.

JOE: Talene–

TALENE: no, Joe
TALENE: I’M the one who’s sorry
TALENE: I didn’t mean to make this about me
TALENE: I know that u r a busy man with a campaign to run and a country to save
TALENE: I get that there’s a global pandemic and that the country is literally burning
TALENE: I get that you have other friends—like Michael, and Barack Obama
TALENE: but I want u to know that u have my vote
TALENE: u have always had it

JOE: u have great cats

TALENE: wait what
TALENE: ahhhh it's really u isn't it !!


JOE: Talene, I have no choice but to respectfully ask you for $25.