Do you have exceptionally low self-esteem? Are you hungry for some quality ice cream?

Introducing Feel Good Grub, the #1 voted ice cream for eating your problems away! Feel Good Grub comes in several different flavors, such as Past My Prime Pomegranate and Cry Myself to Sleep Strawberry, and is 100% guaranteed to make you say, “Wow, I sort of forgot about my gambling tendencies!”

  • Do you regularly post pictures of your cat on Facebook with the caption “Love this silly kitty”?
  • Do you own a wooden sign that says “Blessed”?
  • Have you ever been part of the audience at The Dr. Phil Show, attended or hosted a book club meeting, or recently been divorced?

If so, Feel Good Grub might just be for you.

With all-new flavors such as:

  • Past My Prime Pomegranate
  • Cry Myself to Sleep Strawberry
  • Menopause Mint
  • My Kids Don’t Call Caramel
  • Should My Hands Be Shaking Like That Tangerine
  • Lost My Job Jack Fruit
  • Why Does My Body Look Like a Deflated Balloon Butterscotch
  • Grab a Tylenol Toffee
  • Cat Collection Cranberry
  • Just Got Dumped Dulce De Leche
  • He Took All My Assets Almond
  • Is It That Whore Down the Street S’Mores
  • Big Test Tomorrow Tiramisu
  • The In-Laws are Coming Cherry
  • No Promotion Pineapple
  • The Kids are Gone Grape
  • Why Am I Like This Truffle
  • House Poor Pina Colada
  • Back Pain Peach
  • I’ll Do It Tomorrow Tea

Whether you're getting through a tough breakup, have low self-esteem, or just lack any self control whatsoever, Feel Good Grub is perfect for piggy little stress eaters like you. With our hand-churned cream and expertly crafted flavors, our products are guaranteed to help you create the illusion that your life is under control.

Fudge dripping into vanilla ice cream

Who needs therapy? Why not grab a tub and eat your problems away.

Feel Good Grub comes in three different sizes:

  1. Pint: Slightly Unhappy and just all around distressed about that bitch Malinda at work.
  2. Tub: Moderately to severely beaten down about life and that intense feeling of brokenness that is slowly swallowing you whole.
  3. Gallon: Went to therapy but stopped because of money problems and then your attention-whore sister had a meltdown at work and your husband left you for a younger woman, but won’t bother paying child support or even seeing the kids anymore.

For a limited time only, Feel Good Grub is selling programmed tubs of ice cream that say “Uh-huh,” “You go girl,” and “God, you deserve so much better” every so often during your long rants about your drunk husband and no good sister Denise. Perfect for those nights when Carolyn is away and all you have are the sad screeches of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills to keep you from jumping out the window.

All you have to do is dig your spoon into the tub of ice cream and let yourself go. Once you’re done, just leave the tub half knocked over on the side of the couch and forget you ever went there.

Our nutrition labels are all blurred out, and our products come with a serving spoon so you can shovel as much ice cream into your blotchy little face as possible. Feel Good Grub is also cheaper and easier than actually solving the problems in your life.

So why not give it a try?

Rated 5/5 by Betty:

“I used to take painkillers to resolve my chronic mood swings, but now I just eat Feel Good Grub! It solves my problems one bite at a time, so now I can watch the Notebook and forget about my serious condition. And after my husband left me, I started buying the voice-activated kind and I haven’t been off since. Ha, who’s the naggy one, now, John? God, I’m so lonely.”

Now, whenever you purchase a tub of Feel Good Grub, you're automatically entered into our sweepstakes for a chance to attend group therapy and spend the night in a five star hotel, FREE! Just remember, forgetting is almost as good as solving, so come on out and purchase your first tub of Feel Good Grub today!