Chuck Norris, about to get his ass kicked.

Chuck Norris has brainwashed people too.

For peace of mind, the names of the submitters on this page have been forwarded to Amnesty International. For spelling and grammar, comments have been forwarded to Highlights Magazine's “Letters to the Editor.”

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Anti-Chuck Norris Facts – Chuck Norris has vulnerabilities too.
20 Ambiguous Chuck Norris Facts – Has the roundhouse lost its kick?
Move Over, Chuck Norris – Future prospects for mockery.

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Chuck Norris is a really awesome cowboy i don't see how y'all criticize him like that. I hope to meet him one day.

I like your site and thought it was funny to see all these weirdos sending emails to you about how Chuck is cool, but as a Texan, Im going to disagree with you that Chuck is that bad. Some of these (or most of these) jokes have no class. Dont get me wrong, some are funny, but you have let some pretty bad jokes in. As for my joke, it here it is: How much could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could Chuck Norris? …….none of it………..

Chuck Norris will kill you all for making this page, then proceed to tea bag you and fuck your moms.

Chuck Norris is so pissed right now that he can kick your asses by thinking it.

you wil all die for offending the king

I feel really sorry for you people, you are so pathetic, i feel bad for your mothers to have to see how immature their children have become. you are probaly disgraces to your familys, what are you a bunch of fat 40 year olds with nothing better to do than pick on some one who has made something of themselves unlike you, or are you a bunch of fanboy stalkers that tried to get chuck norris to suck your dicks and fuck you in your gay asses and he said no so now your pissed off. Grow the fuck up and get a job and stop being losers


The Chuck Norris facts/jokes presented on this page are ridiculous and miserable…they were unfunny to the max, I feel sorry for all of your contributors…

this website is gay. lam not saying Chuck Norris is awesome or anything but you guys are just losers looking for attention. I come to these websites to laugh but your website is extremely disappointing and not only because your jokes suck ass but also because of the smug know it all vibe this entire website is made of.

Chuck once came to this site and laughed….laughed because even though he the corniest person out there, he finds this site uber gay!!! Imagine what real people think of this site?

Worst Website Ever!


Wow this is by far the worst make fun of a famous person website I ever EVER saw. I make fun of other people who talk about how godlike Chuck Norris is but these are really bad jokes. Plus your OJ jokes are not funny either damn can you actually try to post some funny jokes on this website. HOW do you mess up making fun of OJ a preschooler can make fun of OJ. ps I am putting this as a fact because there is a bigger chance one of the people that made this website will read this and I don't know post some good jokes hopefully

Chuck norris is so awesom he would rape your mother in the face and she would enjoy every second.

YOU ALL SUCK ASS! Chuck Norris is and always will be the greatest person in history. All your jokes are just remakes of the amazing ones. For instance, “Chuck Norris' semen cures cancer. To bad he has AIDS.” is a just a parody of “Chuck Norris' tears cure cancer. To bad he has never cried.” Thats how lame you are. You just steal other peoples jokes and make them gay! This is the gayest website I have ever been to. You are horrible people. One because you suck at making jokes and two because you think you are cooler than Chuck Norris. How could ones mind ever even think that. Who ever started the Anti-Chuck is sick in the head. You all sicken me. You are all a disgrace. Chuck lives on! FOR EVER AND EVER!

Chuck Norris has already round-house kicked everyone who has submitted an Anti-Chuck Norris fact to this site. To Death.

your all just jealous that Chuck Norris has more money then you has a bigger shaft then you, and can round house kick your ass into outerspace.

All of these jokes about Chuck Norris are lame. They are refer to something sexual and sound extremely uneducated. At least the ones for Chuck Norris are actually funny and 99% of them deal with nothing sexual.

chuck norris is still awesome and you are not

Chuck Norris would roundhouse kick everyone of you hatin' motherfuckers.

Chuck Norris is gonna whup ur ass when he reads this. fag. Ur all fags. Die!!!!! fags.

hey, isn't one of your writers called gay maloney? ha ha..whoops his name is jay maloney!!!

What's wrong with Chuck Norris – you're just jealous because he's better looking than you!…if you're gonna take the piss make up your own stuff dipshit. So what if he's old, he could still kick your ass. Instead of writing this shitty website why don't you rip into him in front of your face or are you too scared?! p.s i have never actually heard of him before until he was in the film dodgeball!

This really is lame. You losers, get a life.

Chuck Norris is one of the most highly respected people, who gives back to the community. All of you people who have bad things to say are a bunch of losers. You have nothing better to do than badmouth someone who is a 7 time world champion and 8 season 1st place run with Walker Texas Ranger, so get a life you bunch of fuckin' cocksucking faggots.

you guys suck and your jokes aren't even funny!! i hope you all get your crap pushed in when you're in prison!!

These are really shit…really shit

I Hope That Chuck Norris Finds Every One of You and Kills You Personally. You Blasphemic Unbelievers.

Chuck Norris is a fucking god and these facts piss me off!!!! This website is bull… he is my dad and yours

This webpage sucks

you guys are the biggest retards on the planet. You're probably all from the us you god damned stupid assholes.

i suggest u shut the hell up before chuck norris delivers to you a well placed round house kick to your ass! you won't have the oppurtunity to make fun of him again!!!


Chuck Norris rocks!!! you guys suck fat cocks(like Chuck Norris)

This isn't even funny. Get a life!

Chuck Norris is reading these, and he will come for all of you.

haha stop gettin so stressed chuck norris hasn't really ever done nefin but star in a movie and a tv programme!! his old!! what uve herd isnt true!! duh!! stupid ppl….yeah rite sum old man is gna track me dwn and kill me hahahahhahahaha u ppl r sooo lame!!

There is always someone to spoil the party heh ? Looks like it's you…..

Chuck Norris is plotting the terrible evil of destroying all believers of

saying that chuck norris has aids really goes too far


you mother fuckers should die a horrible death, and go to hell for the rest of eternity, along with ur families, friends, etc. for talking down upon the beloved chuck norris

who ever wrote this stuff is gay, chuck norris was a 6 time world martal art champion, he also landed a jet on a air craft carryer and in both speedboute and truck racing he is a champion, its true, i happen to know everything thare is to know about chuck norris, i am one of his bigist fans, if you keep up this site ill have my friend send a virus to it and every one who submits will have trogen on thare comp. i hate you duch bags, chuck norris kicks ass

Everyone on here is afraid of chuck norris, cause he's chuck norris, and will round-house kick the shit out of them!

Believe me, I hate the Chuck Norris facts as much as the next guy… but it's “hella lame” to try and get fame through ripping on a random icon because he happens to have a large pseudoserious following. Try doing something that's actually worth someones time… or at least funny… please.

chuck norris is the best and you have no right macking fun of him. this is not a fact but i couldent e mail you. CHUCK NORRIS is not tierd and he dosent have arthritis and CHUCK NORRIS IS NOT FAG YOU PICE OF SHIT. CHUCK WILL GET YOU. AND ALL YOU WHO TACK THIS CRAP SERISLY ARE GOING TO GET IT. yours truly, a loyl Chuck Norris fan for life

Chuk Nores, you peice of shit

This site sucks donkey balls. No one really thinks Chuck Norris is invincible, and if you take it seriously and have a major inferiority complex, grow some fucking balls and do something productive with your meaningless life. Your facts are not funny, they are simply poorly re-written versions of the ones on the other Chuck Norris sites. Here's what you should do now: It starts with S. It ends with uicide.

All of you suck. Chuck Norris has no weaknesses.

Wow. I was hoping these would be funny, but none of them are at all. Bummer… I hope you make good money on ads cause this site is kind of terrible.

A man created a web page full of lies don't fear chuck will come and kick your ass once hes done fucking your mom….

This site isn't clever. I think the people who put it together are just jealous of the awesome power that is CHUCK NORRIS. So go outside of your homes and find a life.

u suck balls the only reason this site is still around is becouse chuck said it could and ur just mad becouse he fucked your mom and girlfreind so i suggest u stop fucking with THE CHUCK before he comes and makes u a a neck tie out of ur own entrails got it

hey i would like say comment on the behalf of chuck norris, about the section on your web site about him. He would like u to know that he is going to sue you about the insults to him.

im sorry but im going to have to roundhouse kick every one that has visited or been apart of this site, its going to be hard to burry them all so ill do it so hard that they just explode.

When Chuck Norris heard about the Anti-Norris Facts, He destroyed the internet using ctrl+alt+delete and a roundhouse kick.

You guys suck, bad mouthing Chuck is not wise. How could you hate on such a perfect person. JACKASS

you guys are all fucking gay losers and you know chuck norris would roundhouse kick your little bitch ass in the face if he found out who wrote these. oh ya and they arent funny at all

My idea is that you run as far as you can as fast as you can! Before Chuck Norris hunts you down and round house kicks you so hard that your desendants will be walking down the street and randomly shout ” Ouch, what the fuck was that! PS Chuck Norris doesn't hunt as this implies the possibility of failure, he just kills!

This is fuckinjg stupid all of you people who actually believe that chuck norris is actually a pussydont even deserve to die from a chuck norris roundhouse. i hope you all develope aids and die!!

Here is a fact. This site sucks and you are not funny. Your lame attempt to start facts about other d-list celebrities is both pathetic and desperate. Nothing will ever achieve the same longevity as Chuck Norris Facts. Do know why that is? Because those facts are funny and original where as you are a lame, bitter, untalented wanna be.

you guys are retarded. all u did is take already written, awesome chuck norris jokes/compliments and just turn them around so it was against him.. wow you guys have tallent. and they all fuckin suck too.

This site SUCKS!

chuck norris saw this site and promptly roundhoused ever last mf who created it, afterwards the head guy turns to chuck and says ” but chuck it was only a bit of fun @ to which chuck replies ” i don't do fun only death ” and with that bombshell he promptly decapitates him.

Chuck norris would not only kill all of Chuck norris haters with one swift roundhouse kick but he would also kill all of you with one slap of his penis.

Chuck norris would kill all of you mother fuckers with one roundhouse kick. Its a proven fact!

fact is i do not appricate someone threating peoples family on behalf of chuck norris i am a 10th degree balck blet same as chuck. and i tell you whoever threatened people on this site i have reported you to proper athorties and you ever in texas i got a free class lesson for you!

Chuck Norris will destroy you. Is my capitalization correct?

Chuck Norris is the man, so go beat off to a jet lee movie, fags

u guys r sum fuckin haters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your shit, Chuck norris is god!, He will kick your fucking ass when he gets this just wait for it…. I suggest you dont blink!

Chuck Norris does not approve of this site. You will be issued a coupon for one roundhouse kick to the face, redeemable whenever Chuck feels like it.

Fuck all of you, this is the dumbest fucking website I've ever been on.

You god dang fricken hippie queers, I'm gonna whip the snot outta you for talkin' about the CHUCK NORRIS. I live at 3003 Skinner Heights, Greenwood, Arkansas, and I will kill you if you come over. If you don't, I will find you and kill your family. I will grind up their organs and make you eat them. When I am through, you will bow to Chuck.

You are lucky Chuck Norris is merciful or you would have been dead from a roundhouse kick before you were ever born; knowing some day you would speak ill of him.

Chuck Norris will kill all of you faggots for dissing on him, you fucking cum guzzling, penis breath, cunts.

If Chuck Norris found this web site, he would roundhouse kick your homo asses to the middle ages and spit on your plague ridden, yellow-bellied (that's right bitch), cock-suckin' mouths. Yeah, Chuck Norris has sex with men…because he ran out of women.

You are fucking losers!!!!!


Even your section “Move Over, Chuck Norris” where you try to recreate the famous “Chuck Norris Facts” with someone else are lame. All of your Anti-Chuck Facts and your facts about others are spiteful, malicious, crude and immature. WHY? And this is a fact: “Because you suck at humor.”


Ok…seriously…none of your Anti-Chuck Norris jokes were funny besides the abstinence one. Leave the poor guy alone =P And yeah he is a bad ass…keep in mind he remained undefeated National Middleweight Division Champion. AND he was in Dodgeball w00t.

Chuck Norris is the best and he will kick the shit out of you semen-sucking faggots who hate him just 'cause he won't fuck you and your gay facts suck ass poofters. CHUCK NORRIS 4 LIFE.


Ok seriously, none of your Anti-Chuck Norris jokes were funny besides the abstinence one. Leave the poor guy alone. And yeah he is a bad ass…keep in mind he remained undefeated national middleweight division champion. AND he was in Dodgeball w00t.

Chuck Norris is so awesome, he has the ability to make stupid fags write stupid Anti-Chuck Norris Jokes. After writing these jokes, these stupid fags masturbate to Total Gym infomercials saying “Oh Chuck, Oh Chuck!”

Why aren't you laughing at Anti-Chuck Norris Facts? Because they ain't funny! You better remember this…Chuck Norris wrote every song that 50 Cent ever sang. PRAISE THE ALMIGHTY CHUCK!!!!!

Yeah you guys are faggots how the fuck can you go around putting this bullshit up about the greatest man that has ever lived? You're all going to hell and when I go to heaven and am standing next to God (Chuck Norris) I will laugh and piss all over you pieces of shit. Fuck you.

Man i now chucki noris …(he has a karoty school in texas)(and for al the dam asses i live in texas)and chuck noriss has beet the hell out of a 10th degry blackbelt for not boying to him wile sparing…(so amagin wat he would do 2 u dum fucks)

Unofficial translation: Man, I know Chuck Norris (he has a karate school in Texas—and for all the dumb asses, I live in Texas), and Chuck Norris has beaten the hell out of a 10th degree black belt for not bowing to him while sparing, so imagine what he would do to you dumb fucks.

Chuck Norris is so gay, he's done every other fag (everyone) who has posted on this retarded website. And they liked it.

I'd like to submit a joke that the creator(s) of this website would consider funny: Chuck Norris is gay. Boy I bet you guys are laughing at that one based on your immature and stupid “sense of humor.”

Chuck Norris saw a site called Points in Case, so he gave the creators the life's work of Tom Cruise. They still are begging for death.

This site is fantastic! It's funny and it makes me laugh a lot. Now I will end my suicide note by saying goodbye cruel world as I wait for the inevitable roundhouse kick to the back of the head….

Chuck Norris rules, if you diss him you're a square.

You guys are fucking retarded, I'm gonna laugh when Chuck Norris sues you.

This site absolutely blows. I haven't seen a better collection of poorly put-together jokes in my life.

You are a dumb motherfucker you just wants some of the spot light pussy ass bitch.


Chuck Norris doesn't care about Anti-Chuck Norris Facts because it brings him closer to his favorite sex partner….your mom.

Hello. If Chuck Norris is soooo amazingly gay, why do you know a great deal on Care Bears? Do you have a butt buddy, too….or are you just experimenting? Email me…I'd love to chat.

Hi, I learned that some people on this site might be brainless discriminative bastards! Okay I don't give two shits what you have to reply back if you even give this a look over, but going through some of you Anti-Chuck Norris quotes, I'm sure you didn't write 'em all, if any, but dear god you people are brainless. I mean, okay you don't like the guy, but the basis of all those anti-jokes are only increasing his internet fame that you so seem to dearly hate. Not to mention that some of those quotes were just damn pathetically insulting, and not to Chuck Norris, you'd get your ass kicked for some of that stuff on the street. So whatever…

I have a suggestion: how about you suck a fatty dong. Chuck Norris is a god. Wait, take that back, on the 3rd day, God said, “Let there be light” and Chuck Norris said, “Say please.” Chuck Norris is the epitome of every man an American hopes to become: a rugged badass with an appetite for whipping ass, and a lust that not even Allah's 72 virgins can quench. His indifferent reputation and superiority over the already cocky bastards make him a total bamf. So why do you gotta break balls just cause your jealous that you're not the one being idolized? Besides, he's a nice guy. He donates blood to Red Cross every time they come by. Just because it's not his own, doesn't give you the reason to hate this mac daddy. In Chuck's honor, oh yeah when you get to hell…tell 'em Chuck sent you…fag…Jew…bitch…lamer.

Chuck Norris once saw one of these haters on the streets, and challenged him to a fight. The man responded that he did not believe in fighting. Chuck then proceeded to shit on his face. The man died after choking on Norris' feces. To that Norris cleverly replied, “I guess you won't be saying any more crap.”

Chuck Norris will fucking kill you for dissing him. You're fucked you piece of dirt on Chuck Norris' boot.

The man who made this site was instantly hit with a roundhouse kick once he hit the complete button!

This is probably the dumbest thing I've seen since the Chuck Norris Facts, nice try buddy.

Chuck Norris Facts (not Anti-Facts) are funnier 'cause you make fun at what he is and his crap movies, not crap that people make up. There are so many references to gay sex on the list that it makes me think that people or the individuals who posted them just enjoy talking about homosexuality no matter if it relates to Chuck or not (which we all no it doesn't). It's better to laugh at something real.

Chuck Norris is having sex with your mother, girlfriend, and sisters as you read this. Shut the fuck up and you can hear them.

Chuck Norris Rocks you stupid FAGS.

Chuck Norris once walked by a retarded man on the street…a severely retarded man…a severely retarded man who told funnier jokes than ones I've read on this site.

Wow this is probably the gayest site I've ever seen, not only because Chuck Norris is the most badass man alive, but also because these jokes aren't funny at all they just suck.

Why waste money making this website? In the grand scheme of things, who cares whether you hate Chuck Norris or want to kiss his ass? Either you are possessed by the devil, or engulfed in jealousy, or both, but good luck with all them brownie points that you are trying to rack up to make yourself feel better. I pray for your deliverance and recommend a Christian psychologist to help you with you self-esteem issues. Perhaps you are just smoking too much weed, or just extremely adolescent? Go figure? Anyways, God bless you, and I hope you get sorted out before Judgment Day, because hell is forever. Unless you repent, you're gonna be there for a very long time. It's not the party everyone says it is!

This is too all you fucks who think think Chuck Norris sucks *flips them the bird* “fuck you.” Now that that is said and done with, do you not know who you are talking about??? Chuck fuckin' Norris man!!! You piss-drinking, cum-loving bastards are too busy liking the piss off of public toilet bowls to realize your jokes are not funny. Nor should then be considered “facts.” You need to learn something…Chuck Norris has a bigger following than “God.” So fuck all ya'll who think Chuck sucks…go drink some Drano and slit your wrists listening to your god damn emo music fags…D3 – praise be onto you Chuck.

CHUCK NORRIS IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You stupid this web page is stupid Chuck Norris rules and you suck his balls.

I'm not submitting a fact, but what you did isn't funny. But hey, good try at jumping onto a fad by doing the contrary.

Wow! Has anyone else noticed that these are EXTREMELY stupid? My 5-year-old mentally challenged brother has come up with more witty remarks than these.

It's one thing to have good fun with out putting a person down but it shows just how immature anyone who wrote an insult to a man who has done nothing to you is, grow up.

Chuck Norris will kick your ass, so bad in fact that your kids will come out with one side of their fact missing.

We're not “afraid” of Chuck Norris; we just read Chuck Facts as a Bible on “How not to die.” You guys are writing the book on how to commit suicide by writing unfunny parodies of funny parodies.

Chuck Norris says these facts aren't funny.

Who ever wrote the bad facts is a fag and takes it up the ass. What the fuck, Chuck is the man.

R u people so ignorant that you don't realize that the true Chuck Norris Facts are taking the piss and therefore are insults? Not only that, the writers of them have a grasp of humor. Get a clue.

This website is really stupid and not even nearly as funny as I like to laugh at anything, but this shit sucks. Try a little harder.

Fact: This website is retarded.

Hey jackasses, Chuck Norris IS invincible…he will roundhouse kick all of your asses. Whoever came up with the actual Chuck Norris facts is/are very clever, however you faggots are just funsucking bastards who like to hate on people. Fuck all of you. I speak for pretty much everyone when I say that. Thanks for your time. P.S. Your “top ten” list has 11 facts…fucking dumbasses.

If Chuck Norris saw this website he definitely roundhouse kick you in the face back to your mothers womb for being a BIG FAG.

It's irritating. “Anti-Chuck Norris Facts” is just plain wrong, kay. Do you think he asked to have some kid with too much time and too many “Walker, Texas Ranger” videos start making all these jokes about his greatness? I really doubt he did. And so, as a result, people, to be different, say something that causes a conflict – regardless of any common sense. This is funny, in some situations – but Chuck Norris is an actual guy, and doesn't deserve the bullshit people say about him in retaliation to some little kid's ode to his greatness. I doubt this is going to make any impact on the website – but a regular viewer's opinion should be accounted for. Oh, and, UR MOM.

Fuck u for dissing Chuck Norris 11111111

Chuck Norris once roundhouse kicked All that was left was this crappy website.

Uh, the whole Anti-Chuck Norris thing? Well, it's just not funny at all. You see, the person who originally came up with this whole Norris thing not to long ago did something new and got a light-hearted laugh out of anyone who read it. Yours is just fucking stupid, and a lame-ass, uncreative attempt to be edgy. Try something different. You don't have to rip off others work. What made the original so good is that it was hilarious without being too vulgar. But yours? Guess what? Didn't work. Lame. Stupid. Made you look like a douchebag. Congrats.

How can you hate on Chuck Norris? Don't hate. People like the original Chuck Norris facts.

You guys know you suck, the only reason you guys are still living is because CHUCK NORRIS doesn't want to waste his time with your Tom Cruise-loving asses.

I hope Chuck Norris doesn't read this website because he will roundhouse kick you all to the face.

This site sucks, it's made by people with small penises. Everyone knows that the only reason for this site is the envy of every jerk on the planet, or something.

If Chuck Norris read what you were saying, he'd roundhouse kick you so hard your whole state would feel it!

It's obvious to see this is your way of getting attention to your site. Well, you got mine. Kudos for that; but ultimately, I hope you all burn in hell with Chuck Norris as your punisher.

Chuck Norris is god. It's that simple. You will be receiving a nice roundhouse kick to the face in no time for this blasphemy.

You should write Chuck Norris Appreciation Facts not Anti-Chuck Norris Facts. If you fail to comply then I have a psychic prediction YOU ARE GOING TO GET A ROUNDHOUSE KICK TO THE FACE.

FUCK YOU. I would never disgrace the man known as Chuck Norris. You anti-Chuck Norris guys are a bunch of fucking quiffs.

All you mother fuckers are going to pay. You are the ones who are the ball lickers. I'm going to fuck your mothers while you watch and cry like little whiny bitches. Then I'm going to make you eat my shit. Then shit out my shit then eat the shit that you shit out that I made you eat before. And all the rest of you fucks are next. Love, Chuck Norris.

Chuck Norris' dick stands taller than anyone who reads this!!

Stop being such bitches and accept the fact that Chuck Norris is the effin' man, and you know it.

Chuck Norris is way cooler than this stupid website.

Chuck Norris Kicked the author of these lies in the balls at such a high velocity that they immediately went out in space.

Do not slander the Word of the Chuck.

Chuck Norris will fuck you up.

Anti-Chuck Norris facts were created by Chuck Norris, so he would have a reason to kick your ass. Not that he needs one.

This is the gayest thing I've ever seen. I don't know how you guys got past Chuck's roundhouse kicks. I guess he has something much worse in store for you faggots.

Chuck is so gonna roundhouse kick you all straight to a place worse than than hell!!!

This site is a fucking travesty and everyone who was involved in the making of this will perish in a firey ball of roundhouse kicks.

Just not funny. Sorry. The sarcasm involved in adulating Chuck was what made those funny in the first place.

Chuck Norris owns all of you!

This is bullshit!!!! CHUCK IS THE MAN!!!

Anti-Chuck Norris facts are pretty gay. Get lives homos.

Chuck once roundhouse kicked every guy who made up gay crap about him not being hard. You have been warned.

You're a faggot.

Shut the fuck up or Chuck Norris WILL kick all of your asses.

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