For over 100 years, the brilliant orange package of VERMO Liquid Ant Baits has stood for quality pest control at an affordable price. Your father used it, his father used it, and millions upon millions of consumers have welcomed us into their homes to create countless memories as we celebrated life’s big milestones. Together.

Isn’t that what it’s all about?

In today’s fast-paced world, we’re looking back to move forward, building on a century of emotional capital and encouraging the global VERMO community to slow down, savor the moments in between the moments, and live a little.

Because at VERMO Liquid Ant Baits, we don’t sell insecticide. We sell experiences.

Whether you’re fighting an existing infestation or taking preventive measures, VERMO has a solution that will neutralize the threat and, more importantly, foster authentic human connections around the shared adventure of chemical ant elimination.

So log off social media, take out your AirPods, and gather your nontraditional family around a strategically placed pre-filled bait station to watch as an oblivious parade of unwanted ants are attracted to their demise by the sugary liquid inside.

Indulge in the pure pleasure of the here and now knowing that, as you’re watching, our proprietary 5.4% Sodium Tetraborate Decahydrate solution has already begun to fatally erode the ant’s digestive system from the inside out. Just as it has since Lindbergh made his fateful flight and the Big Bopper sang “Chantilly Lace” on American Bandstand.

That feeling you’re feeling? That’s what we consider nostalgia.

And because complete eradication can take up to a week, you’ll have even more opportunities to create more authentic connections and authentically experience more authentic moments.

Treat yourself. You deserve it!

Acrobat ants, Allegheny mound ants, Argentine ants, big-headed ants, cornfield ants, ghost ants, little black ants, odorous house ants, pavement ants, pyramid ants, thief ants, white-footed ants, and other sweet-eating ants (except fire ants, pharaoh ants, carpenter ants, and harvester ants) can all be obliterated by the old-fashioned goodness of VERMO Liquid Ant Bait.

Initially, you will actually see more ants. Don’t be alarmed. This is a good thing. After locating the bait, worker ants consume it and leave behind a trail of authentic nostalgic vibes leading back to the colony. This lets other worker ants know where the newly discovered food supply is.

Rest assured that the timeless memory-making power of VERMO’s delayed-release toxin is already wreaking unspeakable horrors upon the ant’s heart, brain, and nervous system while leaving ample time for it to return home and inadvertently poison the entire colony, including the larvae.

This torturous method and the resulting daisy chain of suffering isn’t necessary, but narratively speaking it makes more sense with the new marketing angle we’re taking. For example, it allows us to seamlessly insert our brand into broader cultural moments with ownable Instagram captions like this:

Just as NEW VERMO AEROSOL ANT ANNIHILATOR is transmitted from ant to ant, destroying the community from within, so does the poison of racism tear at the bonds of society. Don’t take the bait. #BlackHistoryMonth

See? You barely notice the product placement.

In the coming months, we’ll also be introducing VERMO Heritage, a line of retro hornet and wasp traps that harkens back to the golden era of vermin remediation with a hip vintage aesthetic designed to make the perfect addition to your Friendsgiving festivities.

VERMO Zodiac Roach Gel, twelve witchy formulations reflecting the distinct auras of each astrological sign, will hit hardware store shelves just in time for Spooky Szn rituals.

And don’t forget to download our app. You’ll get exclusive deals on our entire collection of authentic extermination experiences, and you’ll be the first to know when the limited edition VERMO x CARHARTT WIP upcycled hazmat suits drop.

VERMO. We Kill Bugs!™