January 5, 3 PM
We notice you recently canceled your subscription to COOKR, the premium meal kit delivery service. We’re sorry to see you go! We hope you’ll give us another chance! For the next 24 hours, take $10 off your next order (use code FORGIVE at checkout).

January 10, 1 PM
It’s been a while since we’ve heard from you. Let’s not say goodbye forever!
We’ve got yummy recipes, like Roasted Cauliflower Steaks! To be clear, these are not actually steaks—but we have steaks, too, if you’re feeling carnivorous. We can accommodate whatever you feel like eating. And if you don’t know what you feel like eating? Maybe you DO love brussels sprouts, you just don’t know it yet!

Nothing tastes as good as a homemade meal! OK, technically you’re not making a homemade meal with these kits, but whatever! Just come back! We miss you!!!

February 1, 4 PM
Do you NOT enjoy fresh ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes?

You’re not going to have time to go to the farmers’ market this weekend—you know it, and we know it.

Most of our customers go through the five stages of meal kits: 1. Excitement (this is great!) 2. Fatigue (do I really want to cook?!) 3. Doubt (isn’t this wasteful?) 4. Bargaining (maybe I’ll try a new meal kit; they’re offering me 2 free meals!) and 5. Acceptance (I can’t cook on my own; if I don’t subscribe to a meal kit I’ll starve). Do you want to end up angry and remorseful and bitter? No? Then re-subscribe to COOKR today!

February 14, 9 AM
Happy Valentine’s Day! Won’t you give COOKR another shot? Our chef works so hard at creating delicious meals. He took care of the meal planning, prep, recipe testing, and shopping. What more could you want?

If you decide to work up an appetite again for fresh, delicious meals at a reasonable cost, we’ll give you a free bottle of wine with your next order (no judgment if you drink it by yourself).

March 5, 10 PM
Our analytics tell us you visited our website recently, but you still haven’t re-subscribed to COOKR. Why not?!

Have you gone vegan? Paleo? Did you recently become lactose intolerant? We can work with any of those dietary restrictions. We have one customer who’s on the Low-FODMAPS diet. Do you even know what FODMAPS are? They’re fermentable oligo-, di-, mono-saccharides and polyols.

We care about our customers and their digestive health! Take 25% off your next order when you re-subscribe to COOKR!

April 15, 8 AM
Did you know that COOKR is America’s third-most popular meal kit? Can you say that you’re America’s third-most popular anything? No offense, but we looked at your Instagram and we kind of doubt it.

Re-subscribe today, and we’ll give you 2 free meals in each of your next 3 deliveries!

May 10, 7 PM
You know, some of us at COOKR were talking, and we think maybe we’re better off without you after all. Next time you're cooking without a meal kit, and realize you're missing some crucial ingredient, don't bother e-mailing us or calling our toll-free number.

May 10, 7:15 PM
We’re sorry about that last email. We didn’t mean it. What do you want? New meals? Different seasoning? We know you hate cumin. See, we listen! We'll do whatever it takes. We just want you to have customer satisfaction.

June 15, 3 AM
Did you get the flowers we sent you? COOKR still had your address from back when we used to deliver meals to your house. It used to happen every Wednesday between 3-6 PM. Those were good times.

June 16, 2 PM
Thank you for contacting customer service at COOKR. We really thought you’d enjoy the free flowers. But we understand. No cumin and no flowers. We can see now why the flowers for no reason might have been a little weird.

July 1, 8 PM
We’re sorry to hear you’re having trouble unsubscribing from our emails! Our customer service team will look into it.

In the meantime, please enjoy this coupon for 6 free meals. Use code PLEASEWEBEGYOU at checkout.

August 15, 10 AM
We still miss you! We want you to come back! With COOKR, there’s no commitment necessary. You can change your meal preferences from week to week. Did you decide you like cumin after all? No problem! And skipping a week is super easy! Why are you so afraid of commitment, anyway?

September 9, 4 PM
Seriously, what is it? Are we too expensive for you? Are you not home during the delivery time slots we offer? That doesn’t even seem possible since we offer more delivery slots than any other meal kit provider.

Please, just tell us what we did wrong. We don't want to make the same mistake with other customers in the future.

October 1, 4 PM
Are you using another meal kit? Is it Hello Fresh? Just so you know, they actually had a Listeria contamination in their frozen pea supply recently. We just thought you should hear it from us before you found out the hard way.

November 15, 10 AM
We saw your Instagram post with boxes from Sun Basket in your kitchen. Really, Sun Basket?! That’s the other meal kit you’re using now? We’re not saying Sun Basket doesn’t have its charms, but you can do better than that.

December 1, 9 AM
Thank you so much for re-subscribing to COOKR! As a token of our appreciation, we’re giving you three free meals, no strings attached. Plus we’ve entered you into a drawing for a chance to win a free year of meals from COOKR! We hope you don’t think we’ve gone overboard. Enjoy your honey-glazed pork tenderloin, lemon-pepper fettuccine, and southwestern chicken tacos.

We’re just so glad you’re giving us another chance. We love you.

December 1, 10 AM
We didn’t mean to say we love you. It was premature. You’re a little freaked out, we can tell. Please don’t cancel again.