I’m kicking things off with an email that will make you wonder, just for a second, whether I am an important business contact or someone you perhaps went to junior high school with:

Hey Brad, How are you?

We’re doing great here at Company You’ve Never Heard Of and hope the same for you. My name is Matt and I’m the company’s Global Head of Sales, Marketing, Revenue Acceleration & Customer Success. I was hoping to catch up this week to discuss how our Product You’ve Never Heard Of can quadruple your annual revenue. I am available any day this week, at any time, including this very second.

Can you let me know what works best for you? Looking forward to chatting!

In Case You Missed It

Now that I’ve waited almost fifteen hours for the response you forgot to send, I’m unleashing my second email:

I know you’re busy and wanted to circle back in case you missed my last email. Might this very second or anytime tomorrow be a good time to connect?

The Alternative Contact

I’m a little annoyed. I’m thinking you should now offer up a colleague, as I’m sure you are aware that I need to continue sending these emails to someone at your company:

I’m guessing you might not be the right person to speak with regarding our Product You’ve Never Heard Of. Can you please provide an e-intro to the person on your team most responsible for the company’s sales pipeline and revenue engine, both of which are increased an average of 25% in 25 days with our product?


The Subject Change

I’m writing as if I have never written you before. Clean slate, no hard feelings:

Did you see that our Company You’ve Never Heard Of was featured on Blog You’ve Never Heard Of? Here’s the link. You’ll find some great testimonials from companies just like yours that are expanding exponentially with our help. I have also pasted below a summary of our amazing new features.

Does this sound like something of interest?

Thoughts, Brad?

This email succinctly builds off of the last one. It’s going to get your attention because both the subject header and the content of the message are exactly the same, and because the message is so short as to be jarring, and because I’ve used mail merge to include your name in the body:

Thoughts, Brad?

Last Chance

You’re playing hard to get. I know your type. You’re just a freaking tease. I’m going to turn the tables and add some FOMO to the mix:

Just wanted to let you know that our special promotion providing an additional 15% off of our introductory rate is ending tomorrow. I really don’t want your company to miss out, Brad. Just give us a call so we can get you started. Ok?


I’m going to get deep with you now. You don’t know that I’m looking at a motivational poster hanging in my basement:

It’s been said that “fortune favors the bold,” Brad. Let’s be bold, together.


You’ve left me with no choice. By the time you’re done skimming this email, you are going to pause and ask yourself, What if this product is legit and someone finds out I ignored this opportunity? Yeah, I’m not playing games anymore:

Brad, two of your biggest competitors have already signed up with us. I don’t want you to be left behind. I can get you started right away, but I need to hear from you soon.

The Guilt Trip

At the end of the day, we’re just two people trying to make an honest living:

Hi Brad. I’m just checking in, as I‘m sure you can understand people here are asking me for an update on our potential partnership. Can you just let me know? Thanks!

Summarizing My Voicemail

I knew you wouldn’t answer my call to your office, because, well, COVID, and the fact that even if you were sitting in your office rather than on the edge of your daughter’s bed while she does remote school, you probably would have recognized my number from the signature block on my first nine emails and ignored me. But I only called so I could send this email:

Hey Brad. Just tried to reach you on your office line. So sorry we missed each other! Below is a summary of the information I left on your voicemail so you have it handy. Would you be interested in trying our Product You’ve Never Heard Of on a completely no-risk basis for the first three months?

Guess You’re Not Interested

At first, you’re going to think this is the email where I finally acknowledge your lack of interest in our amazing product. But why would I do that? I’m not an idiot, Brad:

I guess your company is content with its current growth strategy. I know not all companies are ready for the type of explosive growth our product makes possible. But I’m happy to make it work for you and your team. Just shoot me a note and we’ll be on our way.

Until Next Time

We’re not done, Brad:

I’m getting the sense this may not be a good time to discuss Product You’ve Never Heard Of. I totally understand. I’m going to make a note to circle back to you in a few weeks (unless I reach out to you next week, or tomorrow, instead).

Thanks, Brad!!