Make this Fourth of July a time of reflection and contemplation, with Phantom Fireworks’ “We Kick Ass.” The only firework display to depict American patriotism thoughtfully, accurately, and heroically. The display comes with nine unique fireworks that will remind audiences of our triumphant past through our vast and mighty military exploits.

Fierce American Tiger Revolution Extreme Rockets (12 pieces)

Our revolution fireworks are glorious—and simple. The revolution is the main reason for celebration on the 4th of July, and we at Phantom Fireworks understand the simplicity of America’s dominion. We are (and always have been) the most powerful country in the world, and in the 18th century, we obliterated the British with just horses and bayonets. No explosives necessary. This year, our patented “Mega Explosion” technology will detonate into the shape of the Union Jack, then a middle finger, followed by the word “America.” Cue Bruce Springsteen’s “Born in the USA.”

Jumbo Manifest Destiny Whistling Wolf Pack Rockets (2,500 pieces)

America wouldn’t be America without all of America. Our Manifest Destiny themed fireworks celebrate the vast array of battles, skirmishes, wars, and patriotic domination that led to the annexation of our abundant bicoastal territory. Without this conquest, we wouldn’t be able to say “From sea to shining sea,” which is the most heroic part of our scintillating anthem. Watch as Columbia, the beautiful personification of America, soars westward in an impressive array of light, combustion, and crackling fireworks. Notice how she holds up a sassy peace sign while destroying all culture, wildlife, and difference in her path.

Clustering Civil War Bee Rockets (12 pieces)

With our Civil War themed firework display, you can relive the Confederacy being crushed into oblivion. Watch as a depiction of Robert E. Lee is shot into the air, only to be obliterated by, you guessed it, an American Flag. This firework display is perfect for young Americans with a passion for history.

The Triple Whistler WWI with Report Bottle Rockets (144 rockets)

Here at Phantom Fireworks, the term “World War” really gets our heart racing and blood pumping. The mouthwatering concept of a world at war isn’t lost on us, and we eagerly celebrate America’s involvement with our immense WWI firework. The firework explodes into the image of Uncle Sam standing over Europe, flexing his chiseled bicep on the enemy. We were late to the party, so this firework also celebrates the end of American neutrality. How boring was that? Witness a complacent America exploding into aggressive military greatness.

Four Horseman Destruction of the Nazis Rocket (1 magnificent piece)

World War II was a global introduction of American heroism—in truly bombastic style. Witness the immensity of the USA’s strength, as the infamous German moustache is launched into the air and then obliterated by American values. The words “Peace,” “Stewardship,” and “Family” will soar through the air, and remind us of why we love America—our unrivaled peacekeeping foreign diplomacy. A truly tear-jerking display, the “Four Horseman Destruction of the Nazis Rocket” is a moving spectacle for any American family.

Large Korean War Travelers Defeat of the Soviets Rocket (12 pieces)

Watch as a dark red hammer and sickle are annihilated by Elvis Presley. Did you know he fought in the Korean War? The Soviets never had a chance, and we have the King of Rock to thank for that. Cue “Blue Suede Shoes.”

Phantom Pyro Vietnam War Rocket Pack (100 rockets)

America’s domination of communist Vietnam was explosive, but perhaps the most notable achievement during this war was the creation of the movie, The Deer Hunter. This rocket recognizes that amazing movie, as it launches a fury of thunder and fire into the sky. Out of the smoke, Robert De Niro emerges wielding an M60 machine gun shooting our adversaries. This war truly represents American unity, abroad and at home, and the firework ends with a group of American youths happily holding their draft cards.

Silver Salute War on Terror Red Snap Firecrackers (100 pieces)

Every country deserves democracy, every country deserves to feel America’s throbbing strength, and every country will, at some point, experience American foreign diplomacy—because they need it. We will destroy all terror, we will do it with sexy drones, bombs, guns, and chaos. This firework breaches the sky with our most intellectual and brave president. Watch as George Bush stands naked, seductively behind a large swaying shrub, dubiously starting wars with foreign countries. This sensual display is good for teaching American children about baring it all, being honest, upfront, and clear.

Miscellaneous American Military Conquests (12 pieces)

This rocket celebrates American intervention in Yemen, Libya, Syria, Somalia, Sudan, Kosovo, Haiti, Bosnia, Panama, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Venezuela, Grenada, Cambodia, and essentially everywhere. American awesomeness is felt across the globe, to infinity, and beyond. This one just looks like a normal firework; it’s all-encompassing that way.