Hung, Drawn, and Quartered

A fine art competition where contestants sketch public executions. The contestant with the worst drawing each week is sentenced to death, and their public execution is used as the scene for the next episode's competition.

Love is Infectious
A blind dating show where all participants have the bubonic plague. Chances of the lovers surviving long enough to go on a second date are somewhat slim.

Keeping Up with the Kingdoms
A reality show following the lives of several people of nobility from various families, as they deal with the struggles of everyday life in the 1340’s. Struggles such as deciding which heavily-edited acrylic portrait should go into the town square for everyone to see and for peasants to unrealistically compare themselves against.

Will it Pie?
A cooking show following the hot trend of sticking any old meat in a pie. Rat, frog, pigeon—you name it, we can show you how to cook it into a truly gigantic pie bigger than most children. Decorating the pie to look like the animal it contains will also be covered. Potential spin-off show: “Can It Be Stuffed Into a Turkey an Eaten?”

Honest and trustworthy reviews of all the latest horses available around the kingdom. From the more affordable models working on farms and pulling carts, to the luxurious types carrying knights.

DIY woodworking show demonstrating how to make crosses for all occasions and repair broken ones around the house. Tagline: “Come make a cross good enough for Christ.”

King of Comedy
A competition where courtjesters from around the land perform 5-minute observational stand-up routines for the King of England. No juggling or dancing allowed. Absolutely no funny hats with bells. Any audience member caught laughing at a joke at the expense of the king will be thrown in jail. Without a trial.

Me Castle, Su Castle
Interviewing the designers of some of the nicest castles around, touring the grounds, and maybe even going for a splash in the moat.

It's Not the Size of the Sword, It's How You Use It
A dating show where knights fight to the death for the chance to find love.

Witch Hunt
A literal witch hunt. Unlikely to find one but that won’t stop us burning people we don't like at the stake.