Driving a 3,400 pound vehicle, including safely making lane changes, parallel parking, geolocating, and selecting music

Putting away clean dishes

Building a computer, including selecting, purchasing and assembling all components

Finding scissors

Concocting fake vomit, including selecting of believable cracker and dog food ingredients


Covertly obtaining and consuming intoxicants

Using the stovetop

Coordinating and implementing first person shooter strategy and tactics

Separating laundry

Managing complex gift card balances and submitting timely replenishment requests

Cleaning eyeglasses

Supporting fast food and fast casual venues, including management of guest list and payment terms

Feeding the dog

Managing classroom deadlines, including handling of complex extension requests

Bringing dirty plates downstairs

Procuring adequate stock of carbonated beverages and bite-snack snack items

Taking out trash

Managing time and attendance requirements for evening and weekend gaming tournaments

Waking to an alarm on school days