A Group of Roman Senators Had Enough of Their Tyrannical Dictator—So They Assassinated Him. And We’re Totally Here for It

The Ben Shapiro Show

“When it comes to Julius Caesar, I mean– I think– It's pretty obvious if you ask me. When a leader betrays his people– the people are gonna take matters in their own hands and stab him in the back. Sorry to say, but the guy had it coming.”


How Roman Senators Turned Against Their Popular Dictator, Explained

The New York Times

Critics Say a Roman Civil War Is Coming—Others Disagree

NY Post

“Good Riddance” — Roman Aristocrat on the Assassination of Julius Caesar.

AP News

Live updates: Julius Caesar Assassinated. More to come.

Tucker Carlson Tonight

“When a leader of a country seizes land from its own people and distributes it to a lower class, what does he expect to happen? The aristocrats will revolt– As they should, by the way. But, if you simply just point this out, up goes cries of treason. Does that make me a traitor because I support the assassination of Julius Caesar? Well, according to the mainstream media, it does.”


GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING: Photos reveal Julius Caesar stabbed in the back OVER 23 TIMES!

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“Julius Caesar was just unalived by members of his own government and now Latin musician Mark Antony was just named leader of his party! Can this year get any weirder?”


How Marcus Junius Brutus and Gaius Cassius Longinus Seek to Restore the Roman Empire After the Death of Julius Caesar


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