“Pups Celebrate Friendship Day”

The pups help deliver cards to everyone in Adventure Bay in order to forge national unity and to highlight the selfish corpulence of decadent neighboring town, Foggy Bottom.

“Pups Save Election Day”
Humdinger runs for mayor of Adventure Bay against Mayor Goodway. The pups assist Goodway in discrediting Humdinger using propaganda and state-sanctioned voter suppression.

“Pups Get Skunked”
The pups' hunt for berries is cut short when Everest steps in mud, so they take her to Katie's Pet Parlor to clean her off. Meanwhile, the intellectual Professor Skunk attempts to distribute leaflets criticizing Mayor Goodway, leaving Ryder and the Pups to execute the skunk.

“Pups Save a Mer-Pup”
Cap'n Turbot tells of a mystical sea creature known as a mer-pup and it turns out that, unlike a functional democracy, the animal truly exists.

“Pups Are Pardoned”
Students and teachers at the university attempt to rally townspeople against the PAW Patrol for the summary execution of Professor Skunk. Mayor Goodway declares the death an accident and publicly states “unwavering support of our courageous PAW Patrol.”

“Pups Shut Down a Protest”
The pups, disguised as civilians, infiltrate a protest organized by Anti-PAW. Mayor Goodway designates Anti-PAW as a domestic terrorist organization.

“Pups Win the Chili Cook-Off”
The pups sing a song about closing the borders to immigrants and make a pot of “home-grown chili” for Adventure Bay's chili cook-off.

“Parroting Pups”
A talkative parrot Matea arrives to instruct PAW Patrol of their punitive duties, which are performed without question. Marshall, the firefighter dog, invokes “Marshall Law,” suspending all civil functions and placing a curfew on the townspeople.

“Pups Save the Sea Turtles”
The pups discover a nest of baby sea turtles hatching across the street. They teach the vulnerable turtles that a totalitarian one-party state is necessary to prepare a nation for armed conflict and to respond effectively to economic difficulties. Each baby turtle signs an oath of loyalty in blood and is rewarded with a secret police badge.

“Pups Go Camping”
The PAW Patrol round-up protestors, immigrants, and intellectuals to take to a mandatory camp in the woods. Any dissenting townspeople are forced to attend as well.

“Pups Praise Benito Mussolini”
Chase, the police dog, barks, “Democracy is beautiful in theory; in practice, it is a fallacy. You in America will see that someday.”

“Pups Enforce Law and Order”
After massive amounts of unrest, Mayor Goodway instructs the PAW Patrol to squash the rising rebellion, resulting in an all-out war between the PAW Patrol and Anti-PAW for the soul of Adventure Bay.

“Pups Try On Funny Hats”
The pups celebrate Silly Hat Day by wearing goofy hats. This episode has nothing to do with fascism, but its inclusion in the series’ narrative arc is chilling.