No Time to Die

I Don’t Wanna Die

Nobody Needs to Die, Here

We Can All Stay Alive

Why Do You Have a Gun

Why Don't I Have a Gun

This Is All a Big Misunderstanding

What Happened to Civil Discourse

Just Give Me a Few Days

You've Got the Wrong Person, Maybe

Dying Won’t Hurt, Right?

I Don't Want to Use Threats, But I Will

You Don’t Know Who You’re Messing With

Oh, Buddy You're In For a Rude Awakening

I Really Don’t Wanna Hurt You

Alright You Asked For It

I'm Gonna Hurt You So Bad

I’m Gonna Start Hurting You Soon

I’m Gonna Start Hurting You, Very, Very Soon

But Not You, 300-Pound Bodyguard Larry

I Actually Like You Larry

In Another Life, We’d Be Friends

In Another Life, We'd Honestly Be Best Friends

If Only You Weren’t Aiding Corrupt Politicians in Underground Weapons Deals

Also If You Didn’t Have That Look On Your Face

You Don’t Wanna Punch Me

Okay, You Do Wanna Punch Me

That Was All for Show

Peer Pressure is Debilitating

Casino Royale II

I Would Appreciate If I Could Please Die Another Day?

How About Wednesday

I Guess We're On Your Schedule

Fine, I’m Ready

Wait, No I’m Not Ready

Just Count to Three

Just Count to Fifty

If I'm Gonna Die Just Do Me One Solid

Ask Me Who I Am

The Name is Bond, James Bond


And BOND Like an Emotional Tie Between Two People, Larry

I Am James Bond

And I'm Literally So Scared Right Now