I‘ve never read Little Women but I have seen the trailer for the 2019 film and now know that Jo is definitely a character. These are the characters I assume are also in Little Women.

Wattley Johns – The boy from the big blue house on the hill. The one with the red shutters. Despite his family’s warnings to never stray from high-class society, he has real compassion for the Little Women. Maybe the one that’s Timothee Chalamet?

Krissy “Kissy” Flaherty – Jo’s childhood best friend. They grew apart as teenagers when Kissy got more popular, and although she’d never admit it, Kissy regrets their falling out. Jo feels nothing.

Curtis Hubble – A father figure for Jo. He has a library right in his house! He says things like, “In this town, people are so busy saving their pennies that they never take a chance on throwing one in the wishing well. You gotta dream, Jo. Dream.”

Tuppin Yerp – A rascal! Most days you can find him by the creek, fishing rod in one hand and slingshot in the other. Everyone in town knows he’s a good-for-nothing but they admire the way he’s been taking care of his younger sister since his father went out West.

Bobby Rutt – The boy we all know Jo’s older sister should end up with but she never gives the chance. Louisa May Alcott describes him as having “the unforgiving jaw of a blacksmith and the ever-forgiving heart of a glassblower.” People write fan-fiction about him and Wattley. It’s not well-written but it’s popular in certain circles.

Liza Brood – She just moved here from Boston after her dad got a job at the mill. Her mom died of cholera six months ago. She’s an amazing storyteller… but sometimes her stories just don’t add up.

Mayor Delancey – He’s been mayor of the Little Women’s town for decades. He knows his time is running short, though. He just hopes he’s alive to see the day the railroad finally passes through his town.

Marcela McGovern – A good-natured school marm who believes that people are neither good nor evil, but somewhere in between. She has a lot to teach Jo, if only Jo would listen.

Old Miss Tamra Poole – The lady in town who sees ghosts.

Annabelle Dixon – The preacher’s daughter. Her character isn’t fleshed out much beyond that but Alcott wanted to check that box considering the time period she was writing about.