Handprints stylized as anthropomorphic jellyfish, but they all have sad eyes and vaguely noncommittal smiles.

Handprints stylized as octopuses, but the overall vibe somehow suggests they'd eaten their own missing tentacles out of sheer loneliness and depression.

A dumpster fire, with handprints as the flames.

Little handprints, all stylized as turkeys in a farmyard, but there's a large-footprint farmer watching them with a shotgun.

Babies' forearm prints all turned into leeches crawling around a fetid pond.

A single, adult-sized print of a blue face with little ripped pieces of colorful paper—each bearing a student's name—stretching from the eyes all the way to the floor, where they apparently form a large, rainbowy puddle.

Infants' footprints which have been turned into a pod of spouting whales being pursued by adult hands, with each of the fingers turned into a sharpened harpoon.

A huge, smiling sun with lots of tiny handprints making up the edge, but there's a big picture of a magnifying glass underneath, below which is a cartoon ant labeled with the single word, “YOU.”

Handprints stylized as a cute herd of elephants, but their thumbprint trunks are all drinking from a lake of piss.

Macaroni art, but the macaroni had all been cooked first and is now left to gently succumb to mold and gravity.

A large outline of a human figure, filled with children's handprints depicted as malignant growths, replete with a sheet of paper hanging next to it reading simply, “BIOPSY RESULT: CANCER.”

A collage of colorful footprints under the title, “Let's stomp out bullying. Just fucking kick its dick in.”