1. You’re standing in a crowded space, and no one has any respect for creating a line or any form of sensible structure.
  2. It’s way too loud.
  3. There’s at least one customer who is NOT having it.
  4. Random people keep jostling you to get to the front of the amorphous blob you’ve been waiting in for 30 minutes.
  5. A businessman on his phone loudly exclaims that he can’t believe something so simple could be taking so long.
  6. You’ve run out of things to look at on your phone.
  7. They give you someone else’s order.
  8. You’ve had to spell your name at least three times.
  9. You’ve tried to wave down the employees, but they’re giving you the “one-moment” finger before ignoring you again.
  10. You have your card out and ready, showing the employees you can act fast and pay IMMEDIATELY.
  11. You’ve been asked “what was your order again?” at least six times.
  12. They give you someone else’s order again.
  13. The credit card machine doesn’t work, so they need to run the card manually.
  14. Someone else takes over because the computer isn’t working.
  15. “Okay, just give me a couple minutes and I’ll have it ready for you.”
  16. One employee can be overheard saying “this is not what I thought I would be doing with my degree.”
  17. There’s at least one shift change and you have to go through the whole ordeal again.
  18. The bill is higher than expected.
  19. The cashier prints a new check because you pointed out that this is, once again, not what you ordered.
  20. The bill is still high, but at least it’s the correct purchase.
  21. You finally have your items and leave, vowing that you will never come to this place again.

1-21: Crowded bar
1-21: Pharmacy