“The Today show was excoriated Thursday morning for a single tweet from its health news section that posed a short question: ‘Are vaccines safe? Jessica Biel reignites debate.'”
Yahoo News, 6/13/19

Are vaccines safe? Because they’re owie when I get them—won’t that produce more owies?

When I put my hands over my eyes, where does everyone else go?

If I eat too many carrots, will I turn into a carrot?

When I give blood, does the needle the doctors use make a hole in my arm that a ghost could get into?

I kissed a boy—when does the baby come?

If I crack my neck, will I die?

When I eat cookies, why don’t I poop cookies?

I cut all my hair off—will it ever grow back?

When I pick my nose, am I scratching my brain?

I stepped on a crack—is my mother’s back ok?

If I sit in the bathtub for so long that my skin gets wrinkly, will I become an old person?

I ate a watermelon seed—is a watermelon growing in my tummy?

If I open my eyes while I sneeze, will they fall out?

Should I go to the doctor for this bump on my shoulder, or am I just the town hunchback?

Why do girls pee out of their butts?

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