1. Did You Know I Have a British Beau?

2. You Thought I Would Come Out

3. Blimey, I Date a Brit (feat. Queen Elizabeth)

4. There's Nothing Gross or Weird About Calling Him My Lover

5. There's Nothing Gross or Weird About Calling Him My Man-Friend, Cuddle Boo, or Angy Baybee Either

6. Hey, Bitch—I'm a Feminist (Sponsored by Apple Music)

7. Dixie Chicks Hum a Little in the Background

8. Bloody Hell, My Boyfriend is a UK Resident (feat. Peppa Pig & Ringo Starr)

9. You Can Say “C‑‑t” in Britain. I Mean, I Don't. But for the Record, You Can Totally Say It

10. ME! (Kidz Bop Remix)

11. Let's Talk About 2016 Now That It Was 3 Years Ago

12. All Aboard the Crumpet Express*

13. Southern Fans, Please Don't Go—I Say “Jesus” on This Track

14. Why Did the American Revolution Have to Happen? :/

15. I'm Almost 30 But I Hate My High School Bully: Donald Trump Metaphor

16. Wait, What Border Crisis? I Got a Visa to Visit Joe Just FINE!! He Lives in London By the Way

17. You Need to Calm Down About Me Pandering to the Gays. LOL. They Like IT!

18. I Don't Have a Political Opinion on Brexit… Why Do You Ask?

*Co-written with J.K. Rowling and produced by Jack Antonoff