Sports Jokes

Top 10 funny things about sports:

  1. Every sport in the world has a fan or two that never watches a game sober: The Ideal Sports Bar
  2. Men love them because you can't get that much emotion in a cooking show: Why Men Love Sports
  3. Some teams suck because of the gay mascots and names they have: For Lack of a Better Term
  4. If someone you know doesn't like them, then there's a good chance you're not friends with them: I Love Doing Sports
  5. There are actually sports like curling and water polo: In Defense of Curling
  6. Some think the Olympics should have sports like Terrorism Bingo and Breakup Roulette: Olympic Sports That Ought to Exist But Don't
  7. The people that write about them are either jocks or unsuccessful geeks: The Snippets are Sorry They're Late
  8. To some, women that play sports can be weird, but to others, it can be a major turn-on: Don't Be THAT GIRL
  9. If they didn't exist, men would probably become housewives: Observations Kicking Off The Sports Lull
  10. It created the most legendary movie of all time: The Mighty Ducks: Mighty Ducks: The Holy Trilogy