Sex Jokes

Top 10 funny things about sex:

  1. In college it's not that sentimental and special because it doesn't really mean anything: Sex and College
  2. It's EXTREMELY HARD to turn down: Five Reasons Why You Should Wait on Sex
  3. It's hilarious to hear your parents tell you what they think it is: The Birds and the Bees – AIM Convo
  4. God doesn't like it when you call his name during it: An Open Letter From God: Stop Calling My Name During Sex
  5. It created phone sex, which when you think about it, are probably the funniest phone conversations to hear: I was Hoping It was Phone Sex Sample Day
  6. You can catch yourself sleeping with someone you don't know and don't want anyone else to know, but one of your friends already knows because they're friends with that person: Five Reasons Why You Should Wait on Sex
  7. It sounds awesome and extremely sexy just saying the word over and over again: Tonight, I Will Sex You
  8. Exactly like sleeping, you can do it practically anywhere: Unofficially Together at Last
  9. The toys are awesome to look at but extremely weird to get as a birthday present: Sex Toys “R” Us
  10. Teachers get caught doing it more than teenagers do: Teacher Accused of Sex With One Very Lucky Middle School Student
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