Easter Jokes

Top 10 funny things about Easter:

  1. Think about it, people actually celebrate egg-hunting and eating chocolate: Happy Easter
  2. It's better than Christmas because you know that summer is just around the corner!: The Investor's Coroner: Fuck the Dollar
  3. Some of our parents actually told us the Easter Bunny exists: The Lies We Tell
  4. For some odd reason, eggs and chocolate are related to the Bible: I Hail You, Bloody Mary
  5. To be honest, not a lot of people give a damn about it: The People We Will Let Down This Summer
  6. There's such thing as an Easter Ham: Hot Time in the City: Moving to NYC After Graduation
  7. Some people go too far with the Easter egg hunt by hiding the eggs in places no one will find them: Survival of the Falsest
  8. Unlike Halloween and all its stupid candy, the holiday is all about chocolate: AIM Profiles 101
  9. No one knows if strippers actually work on Easter Sunday or not: Ah, The Strip Clubs: Part 2
  10. We've been led to believe that bunny rabbits deliver eggs for a living: Happy Easter