The world is one crazy ass place. And we don't have to look too far to find examples proving that the world is a crazy ass place. Right around the corner from you somewhere are samples of oppression, torture, rape, murder and mayhem. A divided culture wasting all of its time fighting each other while the powers that be laugh at our ignorance; we are the clueless bastards of a beaten culture.

And that's why I brought these drugs.

Sure, we could probably make better use of our time. We could fight the oppressors, we could heal the sick, we could mend the bridges between races, creeds and religions. We could save the world. We're not gonna do that though. For one, that would be a lot of work for very little pay. For another, I brought these drugs.

I mean just look at our politicians. Every one of them is owned by corporations and corrupted souls who do not care who they hurt. We vote for powerless people faking control, people who do nothing more than exchange money for their representation, people who jizz in your patriotism and then smile as you lap it up. We could end this. We could all get together and make the world a better place.

We're not going to though because there are a bunch of new shows on and a couple of cute girls are coming over because I informed them that I brought over these drugs.

And anyway, life is hard for all involved and the day-to-day struggle of just being a damn person on this planet is work enough for all of us. We could transcend that, we could rise above our mundane existence and do something to save ourselves from the constructs we've built around us.

But we're not.

We're gonna order a pizza, flirt with some chicks, watch television and do some drugs.

Because we're people and we can. Because it makes us happy. And because we fucking want to.

By the way, you each owe me 80 bucks.