This is not advocacy.

This is not a statement of theory, a treatise, or a call to action.

You either smoke pot, or you do not.

We are all free men protected by the Constitution, as Jax Teller said.

Make your own choices. Let others make their own, as well.

This post kind of gimps Nate's 420 Post. Although I promise, that was not where I got this idea from.

(In no particular order)

  1. To wind down after a tough day.
  2. To pre-, post-, and game-game when partying.
  3. Because Zeppelin sounds even better.
  4. I like the taste of weed, what can I say?
  5. I can play piano and guitar much more interestingly. Notice, I did not say better. Just sayin', interesting.
  6. Because MadTV is a hell of a lot funnier when blazed.
  7. Because no matter who says this sucks, I still love getting stoned, lighting a candle, and listening to Highway 61 Revisited the entire way through.
  8. Because it pairs perfectly with a glass of $50.00-a-half-gallon peach moonshine.
  9. Hot damn, wait. I'm pouring a glass.
  10. An hour later, having played piano and swilled shine.
  11. Because I believe it helped cure my asthma.
  12. Because I'm CERTAIN it helped cure my crabs.
  13. Because it fools me into believing I'm a gifted poker player.
  14. Because it actually does make me better at pool.
  15. Because of forgetting when sober, what you did when you were stoned.
  16. The stunning realization of it all coming back when you're charred again.
  17. Because you have stolen from Mr. Soze, Mr. Fenster.
  18. Because weed is a bonding point between strangers, a strengthener for friends, and a treat for the self. Also, when used correctly, it can get the self laid.
  19. Because of capitalism. We can have someone BRING a HOT, FRESH PIZZA to our door for less than 20 bucks.
  20. Because of corporatism and international banking cartels. Ron Paul '08. And yeah, Nate introduced me to him, so THAT I gimped.
  21. Because ShamWOW lasts ten years, this lasts a week. I don't know, it sells itself.
  22. Because I am taking a pre-emptive strike against glaucoma.
  23. Because due to it being Bat Country, we can't stop here.
  24. Because there are those out there that are pre-qualified for a free motor scooter or power chair under Medicare and Medicaid. Collecting Social Security benefits, too. You know who's paying that? Social Security isn't a big personal fund we put into and take out once we retire. Government spending dried that grape up long ago. No, those currently working are paying those taxes. What's gonna happen when my parent's generation, the biggest one in history, start collecting on that in substantial numbers? Will there be any left for us after we've paid for all the checks ourselves?
  25. Because cigarette comes standard with 20 individual fucking cigarettes. One, now.
  26. Because if Old Crow Medicine Show didn't do it, I'm not sure I'd respect them as much as I do.
  27. Because it's not really drunk dialing if you're high.
  28. But sometimes I'm drunk, too.
  29. What does everyone think of PIC 2.0? I'm gonna detail my thoughts in a later post. Questions? Comments? Problems to see?
  30. Because I get to watch my favorite shows stoned. They are as follows: Mad Men, LOST, Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy, House, and The Office. Once again, in no particular order. Really, I can't stress that enough.
  31. Because Tuesday Sushi Night is always more fun because of it.
  32. Because, man, Paul Newman was fuckin' awesome. Seriously, Cool Hand Luke is my favorite movie. You'll be missed, you old salad mogul.
  33. Because in the month of November, I'll be doing the following: seeing The Who in concert, seeing AC/DC in concert, and seeing The Black Crowes in concert.                       /incite jealousy
  34. Because I finally hooked the electric guitar up after about a year.
  35. Because it is the best partner to make a house of cards with, ever.
  36. Because I should do my radio show stoned. Oh, since you mentioned it, it's every Sunday from 4pm-5pm. The station streams live in iTunes. Go here. Click on "Listen" or something similar. Download file. COMMENCE WAITING.
  37. Changed the DJ name from "The Dude" to "Mr. Banker", a nod to the Skynyrd song. But bud brings The Dude out.
  38. Because it make the start of Fall Break much better (that's today for us).
  39. Because, hey man, Hunter Thompson did it.
  40. Most PIC staffers do it (Shh! Secret!).
  41. Cause, man, it's just weed. Ain't hurtin' nobody.
  42. Zero.