I know the Oscars is already old news. for the record, Jon Stewart was great and if the Academy is smart, they'll invite him back and he'll be even better with one year under his belt. He held back a little, but I laughed a lot. By his own admission, the reviews he got said it all: he was great and terrible.

Links to some reviews:

The real problem this year was that most of the movies nominated were more artsy or genre pics that attracted smaller audiences. Viewers had little investment in this year's show and so they tuned away in droves. I'm not saying that this is a bad thing. I was a film major. I know a good movie when I see it. The Oscar's are not, and should not, be solely a popularity contest. The professionals themselves get to vote on the awards, not the general public. There are enough award shows, the Academy should stand for a standard of excellence, not box office…of course the sales team for the telecast disagrees with me, but it's not like I'm in a place to make any decisions anyway.

I lost my Oscar Bowl this year. I had not the faith in Crash that I should have. I did real well in the animated and un-animated shorts. Not because I had actually seen the pieces and could comment on their qualifications, but because I'm a real good guesser. I tried to pick on buzz alone this year and I did well except for the aforementioned best pic and supporting actor categories. Unfortunately, this cost me a bottle of Jack and bragging rights for the year.

I'll survive somehow.

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