Are you thinking of starting a website? Did you graduate with a masters in computer science? No? Here's my advice: don't do it. The website I mean. If you wanna get a degree in computer science, go for it. The degree I mean. Then start a website. Just make sure only a few people enjoy it.

Seriously, like your mom and your second cousin, and maybe that guy who helped fix your flat tire one time 5 years ago but you can't remember his name. Any more than that and you'll end up like me: brushing aside your birthday dinner and drinks to tell a sys admin that because Apache on your IP address is not properly configured to handle intense PHP database requests and thus crashes under the weight of it's own inadequate memory, 1000's of people cannot read why humans name their hurricanes or why Edy's ice cream should go fuck themselves because they decreased the size of their cartons from 1.75 to 1.5 quarts (aka, courts?).

So, we're back to the OG site for the moment.

But here's the offical announcement: PIC is getting a makeover. In fact, if you were on the site between 7:30 and 7:45pm EST, you probably got a glimpse of it. Unfortunately, we couldn't keep it up any longer than that. (That's what he said.) Why? In basic terms, because I have to pay my webhost more to handle the awesomeness. (Also, because I forgot to feed it Enzyte.)

I held off drinking as long as I could, I swear. I missed 8 birthday calls, 5 texts, 14 wall posts, and 3 cards to try to present you, me, and your friends with a supremely updated version of the 8-year-old website you now know as home (or at least “one of your favorites”).

But the show must go on. I must turn 27, and that requires me to become ill-equipped mentally to handle any more work for the next 2 days. With any luck, we will meet again very soon under a different logo.

You're all the best!