I wake up in the morning and throw on my workout clothes, including a sweatband. I'm an athletic person so the sweatband is useful and does not look like the beginnings of a goofy '80s Halloween costume.

I head off on my morning run, and enjoy the feeling of my arms and legs pumping. I do not look forward to getting back home and collapsing on the floor.

After my shower, I pull back my curly hair which is now straight. I decide to put it up in a sleek ponytail, which complements the kick-ass outfit I'm wearing. Really, every outfit looks kick-ass on me, even tent-like tiered dresses that are a style now for some reason.

I'm energized and ready for the day, especially after I've had my daily smoothie. I always add protein powder to it and I definitely know why.

I drive to work and immediately see my boss heading to an important meeting without the spreadsheets I promised her. I sprint down the hall to catch her and am not immediately winded like I was when I failed the fitness test in high school.

She thanks me and then asks me to pick up some boxes in her office. She wants me to organize them and knows I'm perfectly fine carrying heavy stuff because I go to the gym. Also, “arm day” is something I say.

When I get back to my office, I set the boxes down on my desk. I am not sweating what someone might say is an “unhealthy” or “gross” amount.

After work, I get in my car to return home but notice the check engine light. I decide to deal with it in the morning. Besides, it's a great evening for a bike ride and my bike is in the trunk. My house is about 30 miles away—about a third of my normal cycling route. Clearly, I'm perfectly fine devoting a tremendous amount of time to my fitness, no matter what new show is on Netflix.

I'm really enjoying the ride and decide to do an extra loop. I'm remarkably fast because I do interval training, exercising with goals and improvement in mind, not just a desire to do the bare minimum so my regular doctor doesn't give me yet another lecture about muscle atrophy like in the movie WALL-E.

Once I arrive home, I realize I'm in desperate need of some extra calories after all of that physical exertion. This is a real concern and not a fun challenge.

After a healthy meal and some light stretching, I get in bed and immediately fall asleep. I know I won't be sore in the morning. I'm used to moving my body. I would never get sore after doing basic stuff like laundry or scooping really frozen ice cream.

Even though I have to get my car fixed in the morning, I still plan to exercise when I wake up. There's really no excuse not to, not even a complete lack of interest in exercising ever.

Of course, someday I'll probably slow down. But I'm an athletic person so that will only happen when I get a hardcore sports injury and definitely not because I tripped over my own foot on the way to the couch or got one of those cool floating beds like in the movie WALL-E.