Trent Dribbly is uncensored. He’s uncompromising. And above all, he’s unapologetic. Country music’s newest rising star will not apologize for opening his heart and bleeding over the page each time he puts pen to paper. He’s not saying “sorry” for pushing the sonic envelope, redefining the country music landscape. But most of all, he’s done feeling guilty for taking other people’s food out of the work fridge. And it shows.

Dribbly, with fierce talent and a finger on the pulse, is a force to be reckoned with, defying all odds to put out chart-topping hit after chart-topping hit. Breaking out onto the scene with the raw and soulful “This Lean Cuisine May Have Your Name On It,” Dribbly saw his fair share of blowback both from the chronically online mob and from his coworkers, who called on him to apologize.

But Trent Dribbly wouldn’t be Trent Dribbly if he pulled punches, and within a year, he was headlining sold-out shows across the country with his follow-up single, the charging country-rock anthem “Randy (Thanks For The Leftover Reuben).”

In this current environment where a singer always has a critic breathing down their neck, Trent Dribbly is a gale-force wind of fresh air with his unapologetic attitude about stealing leftover food from coworkers who are just trying to save a little money by not running out for fast food all the time. Trent will be Trent, a rebel poet, a truth-teller, an overall bad coworker who honestly only still has his job because there is so much turnover at his office and his boss is overwhelmed. So if you’re waiting for an apology from old Trent Dribbly, well, don’t hold your damn breath.

Trent Dribbly doesn’t do apologies.

Those who are quick to paint Trent Dribbly as a provocateur overlook the depths that the singer explores across his album releases, which show a vulnerable young man, sharing his complex emotions with the modern world. Songs like “Your Lasagna Gave Me Food Poisoning (What’s In This Thing?),” which shows the unapologetic young man hinting at a strong sense of regret, only to reveal in the final outro that “I’ll just have to heat it up in the microwave next time instead of eating it cold over the break room sink.” Trent even wades into the cold capriciousness of modernity with the poppy rap-influenced b-side “Why Did Greg Have to Go Vegan? (Tofu? I Heard This Stuff Turns You Into A Chick).”

Fans of Dribbly can’t get enough of this brash young superstar who, for some reason, keeps regular hours at an office job, despite being both a cultural sensation across America and the office pariah who is not invited to any of his team's regular pub trivia nights. And in turn, Dribbly can’t get enough of his coworker’s tuna salad sandwiches and leftovers from the previous evening’s meal.

But for now, his coworkers will have to learn to live with Dribby’s eccentricities because his career, and his stealing of other people’s food from the work refrigerator, doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon.