A jigsaw puzzle is something that is fun for everyone! The only problem with most jigsaw puzzles is that they’re just boring pictures made of cardboard. It’s time to start thinking outside the (puzzle) box. Here are some of the hottest up and coming puzzles to reignite your passion for puzzling.

It’s Chips!©

Who doesn’t love chips? Boring people, that’s who. At first glance, this puzzle might just look like a roughly handled bag of chips, but It’s Chips!© is the puzzle craze kids love! The best part about It’s Chips!© puzzles is that they’re made from real chips, so technically, they’re edible!

It’s Chips!© puzzles come in three levels of difficulty: easy (46-1,000 pieces), medium (1,250-90,287 pieces), and spicy hot (1-12.63 million pieces).

Berries in a Blender?! Whaaaaaat? Berries in a Blender!©

From the geniuses that brought you last year’s smashing success, What a Melon? Watermelon!© comes the next installment in their do-it-yourself puzzle line, Berries in a Blender?! Whaaaaaat? Berries in a Blender!©. Simply pour the contents of the Berries in a Blender?! Whaaaaaat? Berries in a Blender!© bag into a blender. Pulse for just a second or two for an easy puzzle, or if looking for an extreme challenge, blend away! Pour the resulting slop onto a table suitable for puzzling out this berry challenging challenge and get to work putting those berries back together! (Wearing dark or berry colored clothing is advised.)

Ice See You Doing a Puzzle©

Have you survived an avalanche, having been dug out of the heavy snow by a Bernese Mountain Dog named Fluffkins, only to gaze upon the mass destruction and think, “I could put that back together” and then actually did put it back together? If yes, then the Ice See You Doing a Puzzle© puzzle is the puzzle of your dreams. How does one complete the Ice See You Doing a Puzzle© puzzle, you ask? Well, you shatter an ice block into as many pieces as desired using the provided ice pick and then start putting it all back together. Sound too easy? Not so fast…this puzzle is timed! As each second ticks off the clock, the pieces of the Ice See You Doing a Puzzle© puzzle melt. You better hurry!

This Sure is a Heavy Puzzle©

Beep, beep, beep? What’s that dreadful noise? Oh, that’s your new puzzle, This Sure is a Heavy Puzzle©, being backed into your driveway for delivery. Once you figure out just how all those individual pieces of gravel fit together, you’ll be the proud owner of a very heavy boulder. Congratulations! Because not everyone is privileged enough to be a landowner where boulders can be displayed, this puzzle comes in a variety of sizes: small (delivered by bucket), medium (delivered by wheelbarrow), and very large (delivered by dump truck).

Drink This Puzzle, Later©

Micro puzzles have created quite a buzz amongst puzzling enthusiasts and Drink This Puzzle, Later© might be the best. At the very least, it will provide a jolt to reignite your lost love of puzzling. Grind up a pound of freshly roasted, limited edition, ethically sourced Drink This Puzzle, Later© coffee beans and then put those beans back together! The most challenging part is waiting to enjoy a cup! This puzzle comes in light, medium, or dark roast, as well as decaf. A coffee grinder, tweezers, and steady hand are all required to fully experience this puzzle.

Leave Me Alone While I Assemble This Puzzle©

Conventional puzzles are terrible for the environment. Don’t let your love of Mother Nature prevent you from enjoying America’s fourth favorite past-time for another second. Help a tree put its leaves back where they belong! Not only is it the most environmentally friendly puzzle ever created, but it’s also perfect for people with terrible eyesight. This super-sized puzzle ranges anywhere from 30-100 feet in height and is available in maple, birch, and oak varieties. Due to how nature works, the Leave Me Alone While I Assemble This Puzzle© puzzle is only available in the fall.

Don’t forget to post your finished work on Instagram so that everyone can see how good at enjoying life you are!