Dear Make-A-Wish Foundation,

I’ve recently been given three weeks to live.

Because I am 12 and have not yet experienced a bachelor party, here is my list of requests.

  1. I’d like to take a school bus full of my best friends to Wrigley Field.
  2. Because I only have three weeks, the Cubs won’t be there. I’d like the Bulls to be there in their place.
  3. I’d like the Bulls’ dance team, the Luvabulls to be there too, though I don’t yet fully understand why.
  4. I don’t need any sort of basketball game or any performance, I just want everyone to mingle.
  5. Matt K. can’t come (he knows why).
  6. After the soirée at the ball field is over, it’s everyone back on the bus.
  7. Time for a lil’ Dave & Buster’s action.
  8. Uh, did I hear somebody say LASER TAG?!
  9. At this point in the evening, I will need to be reminded that, because of my condition, I will not be able to participate in laser tag.
  10. Our war of lights and sounds may be over, but the evening is not! Off to the soccer field!!
  11. After we do a full sweep to make sure Matt K. isn’t there, all my friends will play soccer while I hold hands with one of the Luvabulls on the roof (even though I’m afraid of heights).
  12. At our night’s conclusion, I’d for like the Chicago Bulls to please throw me off the roof.

Thank you for considering my wishes.  

I understand that some of these are possibly less feasible than the others, but if we could just try our best to hit all 12, that’d be great!

Francis Caprino