Dear Prestigious Grad Application Board,

I am a 24 year old applying to this program because I can’t think of another thing to do with my life.

Why do I want to get into this graduate program? That is a great question that I have never considered, which is strange because I’ve already asked three people to be references. I guess I would say my biggest driver in pursuing higher education would be that I was in school for a long time and now I am not sure what to do so it seems like the right answer is more school.

I graduated from my undergraduate program one year ago with one hundred thousand dollars in debt and a degree in a major a counselor told me to declare because I had to pick one if I wanted to keep taking classes as a junior.

Since finishing undergrad, I have accrued over one year of experience working for a company that made me send a bunch of emails, which honestly I hated but still did, because I was not sure what else I would be doing if not sending all those emails. Maybe I would have picked up ceramics?

I believe my professional experience combined with my career as a student make me an ideal candidate for this graduate program, because if they do not, I’m not really sure why I would have done all that.

What I love about education is that it provides the unique opportunity to do my homework instead of having to consider any future plans. I mean, after high school it made sense to go to college. And after college, it made sense to get a job. And then I honestly didn’t love working that much; it didn’t seem like it was for me. So now I’m going to give paying more money for more school a try.

I am specifically interested in this program because it has always been my dream to attend this institution, because I’m passionate about the research mentioned in the brochure, and because it came up when I googled “grad programs 3.1 GPA.”

This experience will build off of the communication skills I’ve developed in my work of texting my parents and assuring them that I am doing something useful with my life. As a grad student, I can further improve my ability to dynamically convince both people of authority and myself that I am progressing on a linear track toward success.

You will see in my resume that I have a history of success in creating a resume and formatting it the exact way a website told me was correct. I am willing to relocate for this program, and I am willing to figure out how to edit the address field on my resume after I move.

If accepted, I will be an asset to your program because I will attend the classes, take diligent notes, and hope things kind of work themselves out while I’m in grad school such that I don’t have to pick any real path when this whole thing is over with.

If you are interested in getting in touch, feel free to reach out via email, though I likely will not respond because I get so stressed out when I receive an email that may be important that I end up closing my laptop and failing to check my email for another three days.

I appreciate your consideration in prolonging my adolescence.


A 24 Year Old Applying To Your Grad Program Because I’m Not Sure What Else To Do