Hey, buddy! Dave Donaldson. Come on, you know—your old buddy Dave! From Evansville High? We used to have this joke where we'd push each other down the stairs like every day, remember? Yeah, that was me!

Oh come on, I could've sworn you did it back to me at least once, right? I'm sure of it. Well, agree to disagree I guess.

So anyway, you just popped into my head—randomly—and I thought, “boy, I gotta call him and just catch up.” No other reason!

I'll give you my quick update first: Went to a couple years of college, been married a couple of times—but don't worry, I'm a free man again, ha! And I guess the main thing is that I started working as a financial advisor at Odysseus Financial, an excellent wealth management firm which offers financial solutions to savvy investors of all stripes. We love to serve successful, high-achieving clients. People like yourself!

So, how about you? What's new in your life? You married? Got any kids? How about a diversified portfolio?

Three kids, that's great! I know kids can sometimes be overwhelming, not unlike the prospect of trying to convert your hard-earned cash into fast-growing assets without the help of a professional you can trust.

Well, sounds like you're doing great. Super great. That's so great! Boy, it's just great to catch up.

Hey, that reminds me, can you to settle a bet for me? I was talking to a buddy at work—at Odysseus Financial, where we put our clients first by providing commonsense fiscal solutions your dollars and cents. Anyway, this buddy of mine, he’s a great part of the Odysseus team. He actually manages an account for one of the Reynolds sons—you remember them, right? They’re one of the biggest real estate developers in the state. Yeah, these guys have truckloads of money coming out the wazoo, and Jerry, my colleague Jerry, he manages the account of the youngest son. Just to give you a sense of the caliber of people we serve around here.

Anyways, I was talking to Jerry about client development, something we take really seriously here at Odysseus Financial. And he thought that the best way to cold call somebody is to just come right out and give them your pitch. Said it “shows respect for both their time and their intelligence.”

Can you believe that? “Jerry,” I told him, “you can't be so pushy. You gotta show people that you genuinely care about them first. And you do that by making extended small talk. That's the Odysseus Financial way!” So we made a little wager about who more people would agree with, and, well, here we are. What do you think?

Ah, dagger! Another one for Jerry, I guess. But I have to disagree, all due respect. It's all about subtlety. Best case scenario, after you talk for a while, the potential client brings it up himself! And anyway, Jerry isn’t as smart as he thinks he is. He grew up next door to the Reynolds, so I mean, talk about the platinum spoon.

So, where were we…?


Are you, uh, are you a golfer?

No? Ah. Right on, right on.

Oh, hey, funniest story, I remember seeing your mom at one of my football games back in the day—I guess she was there to see you play the tuba in the band or whatever. Huh? “Quads”? What are—

—Oh, the drums, why didn’t you say so? Anyway, I have to say, I remember thinking that your mom was an attractive lady. Those might not have been my exact thoughts, ha! Blame the hormones! Anyway, how’s that bombshell mom of yours doing?


I’m very sorry to hear that.

Well, I guess I better let you go. It was great catching up with you. Let’s not let another twenty go by, alright? Yeah, maybe next time you’re out this way we can play eighteen holes or something!

Hey, by the way, before you go, I just have to ask…

Do you feel like you’re satisfied with your current financial solutions provider?

I see. Well, just keep it in mind because we got a great team over here at Odysseus Financial and I would love to serve you and give you the financial management and peace of mind that your future deserves. I’ll shoot you an email with my contact info in case you ever change your mind. No, I have it, I found it on Linked In.

Well, I’ll talk to you later!

Wait! I almost forgot. While I’ve got you: I’m running for the United States Senate next term. Can I count on your vote and support?