@JayGatsby: If getting rich off #Bitcoin is bootlegging then lock me up, old sport.

@JayGatsby: FYI I’m deleting my old account (@JamesGatz) so follow me here 👇 for the latest #crytpo news and 🔥 takes.

@JayGatsby: I bet Daisy is kicking herself for ghosting me now that #Ethereum has fully blown up 😂.

@JayGatsby: DEFINITELY moving to East Egg once #Dogecoin goes to the moon. @MeyerWolfsheim Thanks for the tip, old sport!

@JayGatsby: Has anyone else seen that Dr. T.J. Eckleburg meme in r/ValleyofAshes? Basically just a floating pair of glasses but I don’t get it lol. Can one of my #CryptoBros explain it to me?

@JayGatsby: Wow. First they prohibit alcohol. Now they’re banning #Bitcoin. Since when is it illegal to be the f**king man? smh. 😔

@JayGatsby: Any of my #CryptoBros know if Daisy Buchanan is on Twitter? Can’t seem to find her handle. She probably blocked me lol. #petty

@JayGatsby: HUGE party at my place in West Egg tonight. @Klipspringer will be performing live. Gonna be up to our elbows in flappers. If you’re seeing this you’re invited. Especially @NickCarraway.

@JayGatsby: #Bitcoin is SKYROCKETING rn!!!! DON’T sell!!! Maintain HOPE at ALL COSTS!!! Believe in the GREEN LIGHT!!!🚀🚀🚀

@JayGatsby: Hey @NickCarraway check your DMs, old sport… 😏

@JayGatsby: Stay tuned for more info about the #GreenLight NFT… dropping TODAY!!!

@JayGatsby: #crypto is the ‘new’ new money. I made my fortune (totally legally) before #crypto. So I guess that makes me old money now? LOL 😎 Suck it @TomBuchanan

@JayGatsby: Now is NOT the time to sell #Dogecoin. Trust me. I went to Oxford basically. I have a totally legit war medal from Montenegro.

@JayGatsby: Anyone know why this guy @GeorgeWilson started following me? Is he a #CryptoBro or something? He just DM’d me saying I had an affair with his wife @MyrtleWilson and killed her with my car lol 😂. F**k off, old sport!

@JayGatsby: I’m gonna buy so many pink suits once #Ethereum hits 3k 💅.

@JayGatsby: Can’t believe @NickCarraway was the only person to show up for my funeral. He’s not even a #CryptoBro. He trades bonds on Wall Street like a f**king boomer. Deleting Twitter. ✌