Well, look here, it’s my lucky day: Stabby Stephen. You probably don’t remember me. I was one of your victims who got away from you during your murderous rampage ten years ago. Oh, you don’t remember me? Are you sure? I was the guy who you stabbed. No?

Oh well, I don’t care. No, I definitely don’t care that you don’t remember me.

Well after you stabbed me and left me for dead, I spent the rest of my life becoming a police officer so I could protect people from killers like you.

Looks like I am going to be transporting you to your new insane asylum tonight. Exactly ten years since the murderous rampage that you went on that fateful Halloween night.

Looks like we are going to be driving through the town where you terrorized me and my friends.

Do you hear that Stabby Stephen? You're going to get to see our old hometown. Look, it says here that the driver has to stop there for gas as well. Legally we also have to give you a bathroom break during that stop.

Don’t worry, I’m going to make this trip hell for you. I’m going to kick your seat, blast loud country music, and when we stop at the gas station, I'm going to take off your handcuffs and challenge you to a fight in the gas station parking lot.

I may be extremely scrawny and still have acne, but I am going to wallop you, Stabby Stephen.

You also better not go down the street from the gas station and to the house where you got caught after you tried to kill that teen girl who only just about escaped before calling the cops and getting you arrested.

You remember that house Stabby Stephen? 1357 Shrewsbury Lane? You remember that? It says here that the teen girl still lives in that house and is home alone tonight. Apparently, she called the station to ask about your move to the new asylum. She is going to be quite on edge tonight, won’t she Stephen? Luckily we calmed her down by saying she was completely safe and shouldn't even bother locking her front door.

You better not bother her or you’re gonna have me to answer to! Don’t think I'm going to let my emotions get in the way of justice during this transportation either. You can provoke me all you want but I’m not going to do anything irrational. Except remove your handcuffs in the parking lot of the gas station and fight you.

That's not irrational though, that’s justice.

I was supposed to have several armed guards come with me to escort you, but I told them to go home and spend Halloween with their families. I know I could take you any day of the week.

You have become quite quiet recently as well so your low risk. You've just been alone in your cell repeatedly writing the word “Vengeance” on the wall in blood. You do occasionally come out and work out in the asylum gym. I also saw you taking that self-defense class they were holding for prisoners. I presume that was just for recreational purposes though.

I doubt you had anything to do with that knife going missing from the asylum’s kitchen either, even though you were on the cooking staff in that very kitchen.

Just remember, I have my eye on you, Stabby Stephen. There’s no way that when I take off your handcuffs to fight me, you are going to immediately pull that knife — that someone stole from the kitchen — stab me with it, and then run away onto another killing spree that will end in another showdown with that same teen girl.

There’s just no chance of that happening.

If you think that you are escaping tonight because I'm going to let my emotions get in the way you better think again.

But seriously, do you not remember me?