Ladies! Are you trying to find the trick to drive your man wild in bed? These simple sex hacks will take your man from saying “meh” to “HOOAH!” like Al Pacino’s character in the 1992 film Scent of a Woman.

Entice your partner with a little role play.

It can be exciting to pretend to be someone else as you ready yourself for lovemaking. I recommend sitting forlornly in a black cocktail dress in a gaudily decorated restaurant until your man sweeps you into an unsuspecting tango. Next thing you know you’ll be tangoing in the sheets yelling “HOOAH!” like the irritable blind retired army veteran Al Pacino won the Oscar for portraying.

Get out of your comfort zone.

If you’ve been with your lover for a while it’s important to inject a bit of thrill and excitement into your routine. I personally enjoy driving a Ferrari blindfolded and encouraging my passenger to yell “LEFT” a split second before I crash into a brick wall. Once you’ve safely parked, there will be no need to direct to the left on your nether regions after that endorphin-rushing intimacy exercise. HOOAH!

Invite a little danger.

What could be sexier than thinking each time could be the last to appreciate your partner in bed? For this trick I encourage indulging in a hedonistic pleasure weekend in a swank hotel room where you check items off the sexual bucket list all while downing whisky and cigarillos. Thinking about tomorrow will only take you out of the present moment—until you get the bill. That’s a HOOAH!

Bring magic into the ordinary.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from the famed actor of The Godfather who is definitely not playing a caricature of himself in this comeback movie is to commit to the character. Do you want to be a sex maven? Well then live and breathe the role, including sniffing the air for stray perfume and emitting periodic grunts on airplanes. It’ll make your man ask, “Who are you?” which is close-enough sounding to HOOAH!

Finally, it’s important when expressing yourself sexually to always remain true to your values, like when the man who said “yes” to The Godfather Part III gave a speech defending Chris O’Donnell for choosing not to rat out his vandal classmates at his uppity prep school for the chance of getting into Harvard. There’s more than one way to express pleasure—perhaps you’re into helicopters and comical mountains of cocaine and Michelle Pfieffer in slinky dresses? Whatever your taste, tapping into your true desire will have you saying hello to his not-so-little friend. HOOAH!