Kindness, empathy, good listening skills, and a healthy appetite for fantasy and roleplay—Mister Rogers had it all.

Even though your partner will never live up to the standards set by your beloved television neighbor, you can still have a happy relationship. Just follow these easy tips:

Stop Expecting Your Partner To Have A Sweet, Heartfelt Song Prepared Every Time You Need Help Understanding Your Complicated Emotions

You used to love when Fred would sing to you. He had a song for every occasion: feeling happy, feeling excited, feeling blue. He even called it, “feeling blue,” and not, “oh, so you’re taking another nap today?”

What a dreamboat!

But no, this is real life, and you can’t expect your partner to sing you a handy tune every time you need help figuring out what the fuck to feel.

Don’t Rely On Your Partner To Give You Behind-The-Scenes Knowledge Of How Things Are Made

Mister Rogers used to take you inside factories in a segment called “Picture Picture” where you got to see how everyday items like crayons and blue corn chips were made. It was so cool!

Your partner sends you YouTube videos of bears entering people’s homes and eating food from their fridge, which, you know, isn’t as illuminating as finally finding out why those corn chips are blue (!!!), but it’s still pretty cool, I guess.

Help Your Partner Learn To Love Fashion So Much They Sing For You While Getting Dressed

Chances are you were disappointed the first time you saw your partner get dressed. Is it possible to love someone who doesn’t whimsically toss their shoe from one hand to the other while singing a beautiful song? Don’t worry—these feelings are totally normal and almost everyone goes through them.

Fashion doesn’t come easy to everyone and let’s be real: no one can transition their look from day to night wear as easily as Mister Rogers could. But if your partner is lacking in the style department, you can always take them shopping for a closet full of colorful zip-up cardigans.

Don’t think of it as “changing” them. Think of it as “helping” them…become more like Mister Rogers, because if you’re being honest, watching him was the last time you remember feeling safe and happy and that’s nothing to be ashamed of!

Spice Up Your Relationship With Intricate Fantasy And Roleplaying

I don’t mean your Fifty Shades of Grey/naughty schoolgirl fantasies. That’s too easy. No, I’m talking about engaging in real Land of Make-Believe stuff—a daily, multi-character puppet show with an ongoing storyline, true cliffhangers and a sentient trolley.

Remember, communication is the key to enacting a successful fantasy. Don’t forget to choose a safe word in case the feelings get too real—some of that Daniel Tiger dialogue can get raw real fast.

Ask Your Partner To Set Aside 10 To 15 Minutes Of Every Day To Validate Your Feelings And Self-Worth

You’re special, you’re unique, there’s no one else in the world like you.

No one was as good at doling out those sweet, sweet affirmations like our friend Fred, and you just lapped them up like a thirsty dog on a hot summer’s day.

The good news is that compliments are free. It’s not asking too much to have your partner set aside some time each and every day to calmly validate your feelings and tell you that you’re special and loved and unique, did you hear that Brian? Jesus.