It Came From QAnon
Beware the Forums!

New neighbors can be so strange. At least, that’s what Oaklyn Barnes thinks when she meets the Martins. “Did you know there’s a plot by the Democrats to put mind control drugs into donuts?” they ask her. Normally she’d just brush it off. But now her mom and dad are sharing odd memes on Facebook. Harmless, right? After all, it’s only social media. But when they start posting Russian disinformation, Oaklyn knows that teaching her boomer parents basic digital literacy is the only way to save them from themselves. Can she pull them away from 4chan? Or is it already too late?

Terror at Plague High
These cooties kill!

For as long as Jaxxson can remember, everyone at Dover Falls Elementary has had to wear a mask to school. Sure, no one likes it, but no one likes geography or math class, either. But then one day, a new kid arrives. He’s weird. He’s always coughing. And his parents won’t let him wear a mask. Everyone thinks they can just ignore him—until his fellow classmates start disappearing. Jaxxson doesn’t believe in deadly cooties, but suddenly the new kid wants to hang out with him next, and he’s starting to feel a little under the weather…

The Creepy Classroom of Professor Zoom
Username: Time2Die!

Attyson Donnelly loves his virtual classes. His teacher, Professor Zoom, seems so nice, and she always tries to be patient when his classmates talk over her and mess around online. But as the days pass, Professor Zoom starts to change. She’s gaunt. She’s meaner. She’s always making weird rules: no eating during class! No wiggling in your chair! But then she starts to mute his classmates. And then those classmates start losing their voices in real life. Can Attyson figure out what’s making Professor Zoom so mad? Or is he one click away from being silenced… forever?

Stay Out of Grandma’s House!
You visit… she dies!

Cookies, late bedtimes, and no rules. Zayden loves staying at Grandma Ruth’s house. And as luck would have it, his parents are going out of town for the week, and he’s excited for Ruth to spoil him rotten. But then Zayden visits the local fair, and a creepy fortune teller places a curse on him: the next time he hugs dear ol’ Grandma, she’ll die. No one in his family believes him. She’ll be fine, they say. But as the week drags on, Zayden starts to realize that the closer he gets to Grandma, the sicker she gets. Psychic curses aren’t real… or are they?

Revenge of the Karens
You better run, or she’ll cry!

Mahayla Smith’s tough. Too tough to believe the silly rumor about a coven of Karens that roam the streets of her neighborhood at night. But that was before she spies them emerging from an evening yoga class, scouring the streets for people to harass. Suddenly she’s seeing these blonde witches everywhere: terrorizing public servants. Asking neighbors where they really live. Demanding to see everyone’s manager. And when the Karens discover that Mahayla has a camera phone, things are about to get scary…

The Zombie of Dry Cough Swamp
He’s coming for your luuuuuungs!

Paysley loves zombie movies. She’s practically got a Ph.D. in the undead. So when the Mayor of Dry Cough Swamp resigns, she’s the first one to notice that the new Mayor is, well, different. He’s always tired. He’s hot to the touch. He shambles everywhere. Worst of all, he’s started holding town rallies, and everyone comes away from them just a little off. Just a little… ravenous. It’s just allergies, the adults insist. Stop believing everything you see. But then Paysley’s parents start coughing. Is it just the sniffles… or the undead?

Attack at the Post Office!
Mail your ballot… if you dare!

It’s Zachariah Duffer’s first time voting, and he can’t wait to mail in his first ballot. That is, until he notices the strange behavior of his town’s post office workers. They aren’t coming around as often. The mail keeps piling up. Worst of all, they aren’t receiving overtime! Then he meets the creepy new people in charge of his local branch and realizes that their mission isn’t exactly to make things run more smoothly. In fact, they want to make the post office a whole lot more dangerous. Is mail-in voting really safe? Or is his ballot the last thing he’ll ever send?