Discover and revel in the exciting world of Elton John™ with these LEGO® Elton John™ construction sets!

#86221 — Don’t Go Breaking My Heart™ LEGO® Set

Help LEGO® Elton John, in his most unfortunate plaid suit, and LEGO® Kiki Dee lay down the vocals to “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart™” in their iconic recording studio! Help LEGO® Elton lead LEGO® Kiki through an awkward but charming dance sequence during the bridge!! And then…what’s this? LEGO® Miss Piggy™ joins LEGO® Elton to recreate their 1977 duet on The Muppet Show! Watch the porcine puppet swoon of LEGO® Elton! The fate of LEGO® Elton’s heart is in your hands….

#86447 — The 67th Academy Awards Set

Open up the LEGO® baby grand piano and seat LEGO® Elton John and help him sing “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” at the 1995 Oscars! Special LEGO® hands help LEGO® Elton and LEGO® Disney composer Tim Rice grip their LEGO® Best Original Song Oscars (with special non-toxic metallic gold paint)! Go behind the scenes with LEGO® Oscar winners LEGO® Tom Hanks, LEGO® Jessica Lange, LEGO® Martin Landau and LEGO® Dianne Wiest! And only you can get LEGO® Uma Thurman to the Shrine Auditorium on time so she can walk the LEGO® red carpet in her iconic LEGO® Prada couture gown!

#88529 — Gianni Versace™ Funeral Pack

Join LEGO® Sting, LEGO® Karl Lagerfeld, LEGO® Princess Diana, LEGO® Naomi Campbell, and LEGO® Italian ski star Alberto Tomba as they mourn LEGO® Gianni Versace! Recreate Milan’s gothic Roman Catholic cathedral with over 3000 LEGO® pieces! Help LEGO Princess Diana comfort LEGO® Elton John and wipe away his tears with a special LEGO® royal hankie! Then spin them around to scowl at the LEGO® paparazzi!

#88556 — Elton John™ and Billy Joel™ Tour Set

Recreate Buffalo's HSBC Arena with over 7,500 LEGO® elements! Help LEGO® Billy Joel and LEGO® Elton John get to the show on time! Be cautious though, you never know when a feud will erupt over whose song gets played during which encore!! Will “Piano Man” triumph over “Your Song”? You decide!! There’s also a hidden floor compartment, two escape pod hatches and a fully rotating stage with two functioning LEGO® baby grand pianos that you build yourself!!

#88598 — Elton John™ Parenthood Pack

Help LEGO® Elton and his LEGO® husband David Furnish navigate the world of IVF as they look for and identify a LEGO® egg donor and a LEGO® surrogate! Beware of LEGO® Pat Robertson!! He’s eager to send a LEGO® hurricane over to London to squelch the births! Swaddle the LEGO® infants when they arrive but watch out! You’re not out of the LEGO® woods yet! Here comes LEGO® Germaine Greer and she’s ready to criticize the LEGO® infants’ birth certificates!!

#88625 — Elton John™ Gets Knighted Pack

Are you prepared to meet LEGO® Queen Elizabeth II as she knights LEGO® Elton John? Enter LEGO® Buckingham Palace and make sure LEGO® Queen Elizabeth II has her LEGO® knighting swords. Where’s LEGO® Elton? Will his specially crafted bendable LEGO® knees get him to LEGO® Buckingham Palace in time to kneel before LEGO® Queen in time become LEGO® Sir Elton??

#88658 — Princess Diana™ Funeral Pack

Join LEGO® Henry Kissinger, LEGO® Tom Hanks (sold separately from the LEGO® Tom Hanks in the LEGO® 67th Academy Awards pack), LEGO® Steven Spielberg, LEGO® Queen Noor of Jordan, and LEGO® Luciano Pavarotti as they mourn LEGO® Princess Diana. Recreate London’s heralded Westminster Abbey with over 5000 LEGO® pieces. With LEGO® LED lights and audio component computer interface, help LEGO® Elton John sing “Candle in the Wind 1997 / Goodbye England’s Rose” on his LEGO® piano! (LEGO® Dodi Fayed sold separately.)

#88712 — Elton John™ Carpool Karaoke Set

Here comes LEGO® James Corden in his black LEGO® Range Rover!! In partnership with LEGO® Technic, we developed a fully functioning sound system where you can help LEGO® Elton and LEGO® James navigate rainy Los Angeles streets while singing “Your Song,” “I’m Still Standing,” “Crocodile Rock,” “Tiny Dancer” and discussing things like songwriting, parenthood and fame!

#89442 — Elton John™ Deluxe Battle Pack

Recreate some of LEGO® Sir Elton John’s most memorable battle sequences! Set out with LEGO® Elton on exciting battles with LEGO® Keith Richards, LEGO® Axl Rose, LEGO® Madonna, and LEGO® Dolce and LEGO® Gabbana!! Help LEGO® Elton sing with, battle, reconcile with and eventually mourn LEGO® George Michael! Will LEGO® Elton ever be able to control his fiery temper? It’s up to you and your imagination!

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