Drive into a “hot, smoke-filled room with a table and 12 chairs” from the safety of your own car.

Attention all 12 Angry Men circa 1957 fans! It’s time to travel back to the 1950s and become a member of an all-white, old-man jury in real life. Monotony calls, so gather your friends and an elderly acquaintance to provide context and “drive to the courthouse.” Immerse yourself in the tedious world of 12 Angry Men, where you will take part in a “drive-into” experience like no other.

You are Juror #13! Experience the drudgery of trying a case, the tedium of listening to facts, and the exhaustion of watching old men wipe their brows. This isn’t any old case, but a capital murder case (WOW!) where you decide a kid’s fate from the slums. Of course, you assume he’s guilty. He’s poor! Still, the troubled, guilty-looking kid could be innocent. Watch as the story unfolds, and this time you are part of the action!

Relive some of the film’s best moments:

  • Juror #8 wants to discuss the case before convicting. Interesting!
  • Juror #7 is anxious to “get to the big game.” Stressful!
  • Juror #8 questions Juror #4’s memory. Dementia?

Also, feel free to roll down your window and shout your thoughts to the characters. This is an interactive experience! Do you want to ask Juror #2 if he’s thought out his vote? Go ahead! Do you have a burning desire to question Juror #5 and his ties to the “violent slum?” Absolutely! How about telling Juror #10 he’s a dick? Sure! We want you to feel a part of the room!

After 2 ½ hours of watching and deliberating from your car, you are asked to cast your vote! So exciting!*

*Please note that your vote has no impact either way on the outcome of the case. The ending is predetermined from the Reginald Rose screenplay.


The year is 1957, and the courthouse is full of cigarettes and handkerchiefs! We recommend turning your car heaters up to 93 degrees and chain-smoking to truly embrace the moment. Starting to feel claustrophobic? Great! That’s precisely how you should feel as you fake deliberate the fate of a human being. Don’t forget your decorative, semi-damp handkerchief! After all, it’s 1957, and it’s hot in there! You can’t let a sweaty face ruin your time with the jury.

Expect real-life scenarios like:

  • A juror’s pencil breaks!
  • A hankie is missing!
  • Someone coughs!

All this and so much more awaits you in the jury room!


For just a little bit more, you can become the Bailiff on the case! That’s right! If a character needs a glass of water or a potty break, they ask YOU! ALSO, YOU are the one to retrieve the knife from the evidence box!*

*For safety reasons, the box will be brought to you. From there, you will hand the knife to Juror #1.


What can I expect from the 12 Angry Men Circa 1957 Drive Into Experience?

Expect to lose yourself in the 12 Angry Men jury room where the conversation is plentiful and the action non-existent.

How long is the whole experience?

You can expect to be at the event for anywhere between 4-5 hours. The time does vary depending on your willingness to participate and your tolerance for repetitive, slow-moving dialogue.

Do I need to have seen 12 Angry Men circa 1957?

Nah, not really. Although most of the references will go over your head, you can still experience a jury room with 12 sweaty white guys. Plus, there is the element of surprise since you don’t know the ending! Fun!

Is alcohol permitted?

The experience is enjoyed in a moving vehicle, so an “open container of liquor” is strictly prohibited.*

*We don’t check thermoses or flasks. To be fair, booze would help.

Are there any last-minute things I should know before I head to the event?

Hunker down and get ready to listen, listen, listen! Never before has a jury room been so palpable and so fatiguing! You will never look at your jury summons the same way again.