It’s important to remember that everyone is taking life at their own pace. But, do you think there’s any way you could quicken yours?

Everyone else is way ahead of you in building their careers and personal lives. And typically, I would say that’s totally fine and don’t worry about it because there are no set deadlines for when you should be achieving major life landmarks yada yada yada, ya know? It’s just that in your case it’s… kind of ridiculous how behind you are?

It’s like… half the people you graduated high school with are married by now. And I mean definitely getting married before 25 is not the norm anymore or whatever, and if they’re ready that’s cool and if you’re not that’s also cool, but at the same time half of your friends seem to already be thinking about engagement so it’s a little like… I can’t help but think you probably should be too? If so many people around you are? No offense.

Did you hear that Emily is making a six-figure salary already? Yes, that Emily who was in all your classes at undergrad and you really thought she’d never make it in the field. Well, she is making it all right. And I can’t help but notice that you’re kind of… not?

Of course, you have time though. I mean Vera Wang designed her first dress at like 50 or some outlandishly old age like that. She was way behind. But she was so talented. Do you think you have the kind of undeniable and incredible talent it would take to catch up? Just something to think about.

While we are at it, have you learned to cook meals for yourself or host a dinner party or anything yet? How are you ever going to be an adult if you can’t even invite people over to your disgusting cluttered apartment? Jorge has a beautiful apartment and it’s all his own and he doesn’t share it with four “artists.”

Never mind, just forget I brought that up. Everyone is working on building a home and space for themselves at their own rate. And yours is the rate of a sloth I guess. And that’s fine. It’s just so noticeably behind anyone else.

Ok, I’m sorry, it’s clear I came off pushier than I meant to. Even though you’re behind everyone else on being an adult and hitting those outward, major life goals that prove to onlookers that you are in a good, positive place, it’s clear you’ve been working on your own self and inward goals of self-love and acceptance. And I think that’s really admirable and beautiful. You should just keep doing you and moving along at whatever pace you so desire!

I almost hesitate to tell you this, but it is important to note that everyone else learned to love themselves and accept themselves five years ago and that’s fine! You’re just definitely and undeniably behind.