I‘ve noticed that some people are into heavy metal hate music, where “musicians” scream unintelligible racist rants into the microphone and play the electric guitar like it's a Harley Davidson.

I've also noticed another species that enjoys the sound of hate just as much: cats.

What I concluded is that you death metalists are the cats of the human race.

This led me to imagine what cat hate metal would actually sound like. So I composed a little kitty ditty I'd like to audition for you if you don't mind.

It goes something like this:

Get outta my litter box!
Get outta my litter box!
I hate Dog!
I hate Dog!
Gimme Food Now!
Gimme Food Now!
Humans suck my furry balls
Humans suck my furry balls.

Snort some nip!
Scratch your eyes out!
My tail around your throat
Gimme some pussy!
Make some kittens!
Eat those kittens! Eat that bitch! Kill all Dogs! Hate all Humans!
Put me out, put me out!
Scratch, Scratch, Scratch you blind.
Goddamn Dog
Eat me a Mouse, rip its guts out. Chew those Guts! MICE MICE MICE No I'm not nice. Fuck the mice.
Cat Power! Cats Only! Bitch Dog! Stupid Humans!
Litter Box Litter Box Litter Box.

My ass in your face!
I'll shed all over you! I'll shred all over you!! I'll shred your curtains! I'll shred your tablecloth! Shred your nylons!
Now feed me old lady!
Feed me old lady!
Kill the dog! Kill the dog!
Mice-Fish-Birds Gun them down!
You did tee a puddy tat
You did tee a puddy tat
Puddy tat a tat a tat tat
Bullets fly at birds
Torpedo the Fish!
Bite Mouse Head Off
Rat Fink Rat Fink All mice are Rats
Power to the cats, but not the other cats!
Hate the Siamese!
Hate the Angola!
Hate the Longhair!
Hate the Shorthair!
Life in the Alley – Garbage cans are Mine!
Cat nip High! Cat nip Meth! Cats only!
No Dogs! Humans! Fish! Rats! Mice! Birds! Other Cats! Kittens! Leave Me Alone!

I'm Washing My Butt! I'm Washing My Balls!
Dogs are Gay!
Fish Heads!
Humans can stiff my Litterbox!
Cat Scratch Feces! Give you Brain Damage!
I Hate Fish! I Hate Birds!
Dogs All Die!
Great Dane! Go back to Denmark, Scum! Go back to Eurotrash!
America for Cats Only
Chihuahua Go Home Fuck Me French Poodle
Gimme some Tuna!
Humans Suck!
Humans Are Fools!
I Just Want The Goddamn Food!
Gimme the Food!
Old ladies Smell!
I Hate Other Cats I Hate Dogs I Hate Birds I Hate Fish I Hate Mice
Cat Power 1-2-3-4

Cat Power Claw Power! Claws in your Face! Open you Up like a Scalpel I'll Paw My Kitty Litter In Your Face Cat Power Cat Power Cat Power Power to the Pussies——— I'll Me Your Ow!

I'll Purr You to Death!
I'll Purr You to Death!
Purrrrrr You to Death!
Purrrrrr You to Death!
Puurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr You to Death!
Puurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr You to Death!