Are you between 40 and 60 and searching for some summer fun? Whether you’re eager to sample cheese or to hide in a forest, avoiding your spouse and kids, we furnish your kind of fun at Camp Hope Hope Hooray!

You bring the hopes—we’ve got the hooray!

Cinema Binge

If just reading about outdoor activities like zip lining, kayaking, and rock climbing makes you groan, you’ll love Cinema Binge. Spend beautiful sunny days watching movies in a dark theater. You won’t have to smuggle in snacks—proudly bring your favorite candy by the bagful! Popcorn? Y-e-s. Grab a napkin ‘cause we serve it by the barrel. Why twist your ankle hiking or mindlessly collect seashells on the beach when you can Cinema Binge?!

Paint Away the Pain

Both painting and emotions can be colorful and messy, so grab tissues and a smock as we combine the two! In our supportive studio, the suppudio, we provide the canvas, paints, and brushes—you supply the resentments and regrets for hours of cathartic art! Tap into a different disappointment each day, or spend the week expressing one irreversible downer. Either way, channel what’s festering into paintings you may want to frame and glimpse daily!

Soccer Sloths

Do you like playing soccer with your kid, but end up panting, your pulse violently throbbing, mentally reviewing signs of a heart attack? Relieve yourself of the pressure to drop those thirty extra pounds! You made the team, Soccer Sloth! Enjoy soccer on a shorter playing field with significantly abbreviated game times. Rest in our sturdy lawn chairs for water breaks and blood pressure checks—no need to lower yourself onto the grass and wrench your back standing up!

Do the Locomotion

Those deteriorating knees of yours can’t curb the maniac that wants to hit the dance floor! Come kick off your Sunday shoes and go footloose at our week of dance-athons! Bust your well-oiled 80’s moves that are undoubtedly still cool: Walk like an Egyptian, or shake your body and do the conga, because it’s safe in your tummy control briefs! We know you wild boys always shine, and girls just want to have fun, even if staying awake past 10 is now a struggle!

Asylum in the Woods

If parenthood, work, or marriage feel like a merciless yoke, connecting with nature for a few hours is not enough. You need whole days to hide in nature. At Asylum in the Woods, you’ll board the emancipation bus that delivers you to a massive forest with no prospect of cell service. There you’re free to build a fort, dig a ditch, or climb a tree for day-long refuge. At the call of the “barn owl,” campers must return to the bus—or we will deploy a search squad to find you.

Eden of Cheese

Does your mood improve when you behold a prodigious cheese selection? Do you study descriptions of cheese, striving to inhale aromas through the plastic wrapping? Do you justify spending $16 a pound for a wedge, telling yourself that in this global economy, Finland needs your support? Cheese lover, welcome to paradise! In the Eden of Cheese, you’ll make new friends during all-day tastings and perhaps socialize with fellow campers, too.

You-kulele We-kulele!

Strumming your ukulele is not just something to do alone when you’re a little sad and drunk or avoiding your needy spouse. In this spirited camp, you’ll discover the joy of playing the ukulele with strangers, both veteran musicians and those who have never touched a musical instrument! Together we’ll learn old songs and compose new songs—making music and distracting ourselves from what awaits us at home. If you-kulele, we-kulele!

Seeds, Weeds ‘n Beans

If signs of aging are making you cranky, try a week of Seeds, Weeds ‘n Beans! In our kitchen lab, we’ll create remedies to thwart the work of Father Time. Waning energy? Perk up with a plate of fried pigweed. Fading memory? Mung bean brownies to the rescue! Age spots? We’ll whip up a paste with chickpeas and turpentine. Puffy eyes? Slather on fresh homemade acorn butter. What’s a few cramps or a minor burning sensation when you look and feel young again?

Let Go of My Legos!

Is your construction of a kick-ass Lego fortress often ruined by your kids, who need all the bricks to make a Bat Cave or horse vet trailer? Do you shoo them away from the table, saying “This part’s way too hard for you” or “How about some screen time”? Your bricks and building time are uncompromised at Let Go of My Legos! Create alone for hours in spectacular silence, freed from having to explain that you’re building from a picture in your head, not one on a damn box.

Nap Camp

Finally—an invitation to indulge in your beloved pastime! You’ll check in each day with a nap angel, who will make your bed with the pillows, sheets, and blankets you’ve selected in our magnificent Heaven of Linens. For help easing into sleep, peruse our Room of Snooze Inducers. Find your ideal eye mask, white noise machine, or book rife with lengthy, descriptive passages in which plot is largely neglected. Your private dreaming den—and nap nirvana—await!