Harvey Houndstooth, Esq.
Houndstooth & Pyle
Immigration Law
Vancouver, British Columbia

Mr. Harry Windsor
Clarence House
London, U. K.

Dear Mr. Windsor:

Thank you for your letter of enquiry regarding possible immigration to Canada for you and your wife, Meghan Markle a.k.a. the Duchess of Sussex.

The good news is that you have contacted the premier immigration law firm in British Columbia or at least on the mainland of the province. We have been assisting thousands of potential Canadian immigrants for over thirty years and our expertise is second to none.

The bad news is that we can see little basis for an immigration application for you and your wife, particularly you. Your years of unemployment in your home country put you at a distinct disadvantage.

While it is true that Canada has an immigration path for managers and professionals, you seem to have fallen far short of the requirements. We can find no official immigrant category of “prince.” Moreover, it appears that you have acquired essentially no managerial skills since your life has consistently been managed by others.

In answer to your specific queries:

  1. We are unaware of any Canadian law or regulation that would provide you with a security detail. If somehow you are able to gain landed immigrant status in our country, you will have to personally fund any private security arrangements you deem necessary.
  2. It is premature to consider any potential family sponsorship arrangements. While we appreciate that your grandmother is in excellent health, it appears that she is 93 years old and might require extended medical care. In any event, until such time as you become an immigrant, you are not in a position to sponsor any family members.
  3. We do see a ray of hope for your wife. Canada does welcome self-employed individuals in the cultural and athletic arts. Since your wife has a history, albeit somewhat spotty, of paid acting assignments, we might be able to qualify her as such. At that point, we can talk about sponsorship possibilities for you as Ms. Markle’s spouse.

There are a couple of possibilities if you are willing to consider them. One common route of entry is as a caregiver. If you or your wife (or you and your wife, for that matter) can make yourselves available as a nanny, manny or nanny/manny duo, you might be able to live and work in a Canadian home providing care to a child or elderly member of that household. Unfortunately, the Live-in Caregiver Program is currently closed to new applicants. Perhaps in the interim, you could gain some caregiver experience in your home country to support a possible future application. I am given to understand that there are a number of infants, elderly and disabled in your extended family who might require extensive care.

Although a long shot at best, you might want to think about claiming refugee status. I understand that you and your spouse may have been living in an abusive family situation. In particular, there have been reports that the two of you have been forced to dress up in gaudy costumes and uniforms; prohibited from dressing, feeding and bathing yourselves and precluded from earning a private income.

Finally, you may qualify for special entry into Quebec. Although Quebec immigration law is not our specialty, we would be pleased to refer you to another firm regarding the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program. If you have at least $2 million in assets and agree to loan $1.2 million to the Quebec government interest-free for five years, you might be able to become Quebec residents. All you need to establish is that you acquired your wealth honestly.

I’m sorry that I cannot be more optimistic about your immigration chances but I remain willing and able to explore all possibilities with you and your wife. Who knows? Maybe you can qualify under some bizarre royal exception.

Faithfully yours,

Harvey Houndstooth, Esq.