I bought a ticket on @OTBoltWagons because they said it would be a group of 4. There are 37 people in line. #nojoke #iwantvouchers
— Danny Richards (@TravelinDanMan12) July 3, 1848

Our departure is officially 3 weeks late. Nobody knows y. Also Im pretty sure the wagon leader is drunk.
— Danny Richards (@TravelinDanMan12) July 24, 1848

Confirmed: the wagon leader is drunk. Pics to follow.
— Danny Richards (@TravelinDanMan12) July 25, 1848

Somehow we’ve added 11 people? My legs have been asleep for 4 days… #notinthebrochure
— Danny Richards (@TravelinDanMan12) August 12, 1848

Funny story. They weren’t my legs! They were Terry’s! Similar pants! My legs are also asleep hence the confusion. #hadtobehere
— Danny Richards (@TravelinDanMan12) August 29, 1848

You hate to see people die of cholera but you love having more leg room. Am I a bad person hahaha. #notcomplaining
— Danny Richards (@TravelinDanMan12) September 2, 1848

I checked vegan on the registration sheet…they have served nothing but lightly cooked beef. Plus it doesn’t smell right 🙁
— Danny Richards (@TravelinDanMan12) September 7, 1848

We’ve been going in circles. Turns out nobody has seen the wagon leader for 3 days?!
— Danny Richards (@TravelinDanMan12) September 27, 1848

Wagon leader is back! Still traveling in circles.
— Danny Richards (@TravelinDanMan12) October 5, 1848

To say our wagon was unprepared for Snake River would be a massive understatement. Down to 12! #nosleeptilloregon
— Danny Richards (@TravelinDanMan12) October 12, 1848

Only thing worse than dying of dysentery? Surviving it. #nothingleft
— Danny Richards (@TravelinDanMan12) October 20, 1848

Out of water so I stored 2 bottles of my urine in case things go downhill. Wagon leader drank them! Vouchers! #arewethereyet
— Danny Richards (@TravelinDanMan12) November 1, 1848

We went too close to a buffalo. Beautiful animal. Gary died in a fight with it. He almost won! #magnificent7
— Danny Richards (@TravelinDanMan12) November 16, 1848

Wagon leader threw out all guns n knives in a fit. How does he keep finding alcohol?!?! #wagonleaderfromhell
— Danny Richards (@TravelinDanMan12) November 25, 1848

Kicked leader off the wagon but the horses won't listen to anybody else. He's back. #horses #horseproblems
— Danny Richards (@TravelinDanMan12) November 26, 1848

Snakes!!! In shoes! In my pants! In Terry’s pants too! I didn’t get bit. Terry did. Seems fine. We laughed like that time with the pants. #sometrip
— Danny Richards (@TravelinDanMan12) November 27, 1848

Left Terry behind today. He started acting all weird after the snakes. He left his pants tho! #score
— Danny Richards (@TravelinDanMan12) November 29, 1848

We only have 700 miles left! Might be dehydration or crippling fever but think I love these friggin people! Thank you @OTBoltWagons! #final4
— Danny Richards (@TravelinDanMan12) December 3, 1848

Running out of food blew but the horses running away might b the biggest setback yet. #staypositive #justthewagonleaderandme
— Danny Richards (@TravelinDanMan12) December 10, 1848

Ran into another wagon. We’ve been in Canada for the last 4 weeks. Whoops. I have drafted my review for you @OTBoltWagon. It’s negative.
— Danny Richards (@TravelinDanMan12) January 12, 1848

I’m really nervous about the wagon leader. He told me I look like a bottle of gin. Is that a compliment? Should I be scared haha. #goofball
— Danny Richards (@TravelinDanMan12) January 18, 1848

Good morning! My nam is Tad! Tod* TED*** lol This is my first tweet!
— Danny Richards (@TravelinDanMan12) January 19, 1848