Advertising thrives on passion, excitement, new ideas, and most importantly, youthful energy.

These itty bitty little bundles of joy are rewriting the rules for bottom-up brand building. From purpose work, to multi-channel segmentation, all the way through community management and curated content, these marketing gurus prove you don’t need a 200-word vocabulary to give voice to great ideas.

Without further ado, here are our picks for advertising’s next wave, the 10 brightest who are truly poised to shape the landscape of the industry for decades to come.

1. Mabel Francis Legasois

Creative Director, Vice
26 months

Creative trends change in the blink of an eye, but in her 2+ years on earth, Mabel has seen it all. She started in shapes, but quickly moved onto colors before being promoted to Creative Director within a year, a record time that stood for nearly one and a half weeks.

Of her meteoric rise, Mabel screams “I can do it myself!”

Yes Mabel, you can.

2. Richard Ropstead

Brand Planner, Ford
35 months

In most companies, turning three means you’re on death’s doorstep. You’re a giant pile of three-year-old rotting garbage. But Ford isn’t most companies. And Richard isn’t most brand planners. His experience is invaluable to the original auto brand. He’s a stalwart presence after weathering the ups and downs of the industry.

Fun fact: Richard’s favorite way to unwind is yelling at his mom through a mouthful of buttered spaghetti.

3. Tareek Thompson

Data Science, ConAgra Foods
18 months

He’s a numbers guy, but don’t tell his mommy that—she has twins coming! Uh oh! Tareek’s getting two little brothers soon! Tareek is responsible for monitoring pesticide levels in relation to disease breaks in the soy industry.

Tareek says his milk allergy inspired his career, and he can potty all by himself. Here’s to the little guy putting the “go” in GMO.

4. Chuck Tate II

COO, WPP North America
24 months

Two stints in rehab might slow down some in the c-suite, but Chuck came out on the other side with the kind of clarity most find at four, not two. Now, Chuck moves mountains across 30 agency offices, and still finds time for meditation and morning napping and afternoon napping and dinner napping and two families.

His parents are divorced.

5. Natasha St. Montana

VP Account Services, AKQA
4 months

There’s born under a bad sign, and there’s born ready to GET OUT THERE AND CHANGE THE FUCKING GAME. This enfant terrible is half no-bullshit boss and half daddy’s little princess. Just don’t make eye contact when you hand over her morning Venti sugar-free soy vanilla latte with four Splendas.

Seriously. Don’t.

6. T.B.D. Stevens

Chief Growth Officer, NFL Films
Due July 2019

The first ever neonatal employee elected to the C-Suite, T.B.D.'s making moves before he’s left the womb. Turns out you can get a lot done before you’re born, as long as you have one iPhone X and a solid Bluetooth connection. This little guy’s sliding straight from the birth canal to the corner office.

7. Phyllis Phyllis

Engagement Evangelist, Greenpeace
12 months

In less than a year, Phyllis has overhauled Greenpeace’s platform for direct to consumer engagement. Abandoning the old methods of confronting passers-by in the street, she developed a new method which involves screaming at the top of her lungs, throwing crayons and pulling the cat’s tail until you give her the fucking money.

Despite her clear anti-vaxx stance, she does seem to be immune to failure.

8. Crystal & Calla Lily Jorgenberger

Sr. Art & Copy, Havas
30 months

You might not have to come from the same egg to finish each other’s sentences in a high-pressure pitch, but it certainly helps. The “C&C Concept Factory,” as they’re affectionately known, have brought in new business wins from Taco Bell Cantina, Secret, and most recently, Jeni’s Ice Cream, which they can have if they just please stop hitting each other and oh God what would happen if I just ran away and started a new life with a new identity.

9. Todd McNulty

Pro Bono Partnerships, Nike
20 months

Todd just learned to walk, but he’s already running circles around challenger brands. This little man is just as likely to collaborate with a new client as he is to perform in his one-man performance art installation, “Peace Without Peas,” which reimagines the Kosovo conflict as a microwave dinner that has spilled all over the linoleum floor. Todd is the best. Just ask him.

10. Miguel Sanchez & Tori VanDelClose

Creative Directors, Doordash
39 Years Old

Technically, Miguel and Tori fall outside of the age parameters for being honored. But since they were such FUCKING BABIES about BEING LEFT OFF THE MEETING INVITE we put them here so they would stop going to HR and accusing us of ageism.

*Editor’s Note: Since the list’s publication, four of the male honorees have been implicated in the #nowaybaby harassment scandal. Collectively, they were unemployed for eight minutes before landing their next gigs.